CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, November 15

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like referring to a manger as a building and mistaking Richard and David Attenborough as the same person.

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CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, November 15 – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  1. OUR NATION HAS BEEN INFILTRATED by Billionaires from RUSSIA – Billionaires from CHINA – Billionaires from – North Korea – fromwhereeverthereare BILLIONAIRES their COUNTRY is against the DEMOCRACY and the RIGHT TO VOTE in Free Election or to take Care of the People in our nation – In our Republic it's WE THE PEOPLE not the WEALTHY!

  2. PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the Thanksgiving tradition. The 1st was in 1621. For some reason that fact isn’t nationwide news.

  3. Close but not exactly on homeopathy. You dilute the medicine so much there isn't even one molecule of it left in what you consume. The idea is the "essence" of the cure is now in the not-cure, so you get cured without putting harmful chemicals in you.

    So the real cure world be your impression of Andy. Which, we are sure, would not work.

  4. Defenestration technically means throwing someone THROUGH a window…so if Mikey the Shoe is only cracking the window and shoving the elves out he's not technically defenestrating them…he has to throw them through the glass

  5. My first chance to be a jackal! There is no such thing as a species of 'seagull', that is just a colloquial term for any species of gull living by the sea. So technically, that picture could be a seagull if it's living by the sea.

  6. Oh my goodness I finally have a Correction and I'm so excited that my jackal paws are practically shaking! Graphics couldn't have given you a picture of a seagull, because there's no such thing as a seagull (at least, there's no bird species called a 'seagull'). It's an unofficial colloquial term that encompasses many different species of gulls, such as the herring gull, the lesser black-billed gull, and the California gull. So there's no way Graphics could have given you an accurate picture of a 'seagull', because whatever they gave you would not, in fact, have been a seagull!

  7. Hey Seth,

    In the Week of November 15th corrections, when you talked about Shoemaker and the Elves, you said that, "…when Shoemaker squeezes them out the window, he does say, 'Enjoy your flight ya f***in' animal!'". For it to be actual flight, there would have to be thrust AND lift. Shoemaker is definitely applying thrust, but the elves would not generate any lift. He should have said, "Enjoy your fall, you f***in' animal!"

    (That mistake is on Shoemaker, not you.)

  8. All gulls are seagulls. From wildlife trusts: Gulls are members of a large, widespread family of seabirds. Often known as seagulls (though no species is actually called a seagull, and many are found far from the sea), they sometimes get a bad reputation for stealing chips.

    I have it on authority that silver gulls will scab hot chips, making them seagulls, mate.

  9. This wasn't a great episode. The tangents got a little too off the narrative, not really funny. So much better when each correction us short and sweet. This week felt like there was no funny content – lifeless.

  10. Defenestration: "The most famous ones happen in Prague." That is no longer true. Now, the most famous one took place not in Prague, but in Kenosha, Wisconsin on 11/19/2021 when a judge named Bruce Schroeder acted as an attorney for the defenestration – of evidence and reason.

  11. I got the "I really hope you get it" part of the Chorus Line joke, but can somebody explain the "bridge too far" part? I know Richard Attenborough also directed A Bridge Too Far, but I still don't get it. What does it have to do with A Chorus Line? Why is Chorus Line a bridge too far? Help!

  12. I bet Seth was sooo proud of these jokes lol. just so many punny punchlines really showed his dad-ness. I love it. then he ends with the Jurassic park fact and makes me love this whole thing more.

  13. Oh, David, David, David. Oops, I mean Seth. Just because you don't understand something, it shows your ignorance at making fun of it. I am referring to your lack of understanding of homeopathic medicine. It is powerful medicine. Go visit a homepathic physician and find out for yourself. Cyrus Wood is one.

  14. Not to be too pedantic, but it's "If I were building windmills or wind turbines…" In this situation, you're using the subjunctive case, which i always remember as a situation when you're expressing a wish, want, doubt, denial, negative belief, or emotion. Since this is a hypothetical scenario, it falls into the "wish" category.

  15. First-time jackel: The silver gull isn't rare, they are the most annoying little shitheads anyone has seen. I once saw one eat an entire spring roll and another stole it right from his throat, and they thrive off of humans. Honestly, I would 've killed everyone I've seen if they didn't look like they were choking every time they tried to swallow a chip (a crisp for anyone not familiar)

  16. The best defenestration story has to be from Indian history – The famous Mughal emperor Akbar had a foster brother and general named Adham Khan, who decided to kill off a rival general, as you do. He knew Akbar would be mad, but Khan figured his mom, who had also been Akbar's wet nurse would mom-guilt the emperor into pardoning him. Akbar was woken up and informed of the murder, at which point he punched Khan and had him defenstrated. But it was only a 12-foot fall, so Khan broke his legs, but was fine otherwise. So Akbar had his guards carry the injured man up to his room. And then defenestrated him again, making sure he bounced twice and was full dead. Akbar then went to Adham's mom – his own wet nurse – and informed her of what had gone down. The nurse gulped and say, "You have done well." She then died a month later of depression – probably, and this is conjecture, of autodefenstration.

  17. I know Sheth Meyers' paternal GF.
    He be Nobel medicine laureate Harald Zarhausen , discoverer of HPV , who moonlighted as Albert Zerheusen , star of the Los Angeles Kickers-Victoria of the Greater Los Angeles Soccer League (GLASL). 🙉

  18. Seth is a master at using pauses. They build his points perfectly. And in corrections it always feels like he is right here in my living room having a good time. Thanks for keeping it casual and not hiding behind a suit. 😊

  19. You are never ever allowed to stop corrections! Just when the world gets just a little too heavy even for Atlas, correction comes and makes one laugh as though the world is just fine after all! I don’t know how you’re going to manage this when you are 98 years old, but a warning ahead of time to you, your writers, and the crew-stay in good shape because this entity is necessary for the survival of the sane!

  20. Seth, in the middle of your Attenborough bros bit, you changed from the third brother saying “supper’s ready” to “dinner’s ready”. I don’t think I have to tell you that supper and dinner are two different meals.

  21. Also, Seth – you’re correct in calling Timbits “doughnut holes”. “Doughnut hole” is the generic term for any spherical bits of fried dough. “Timbits” is the specific name, just like Dunkin’ in America has “Munchkins”.

    I understand Canadians are proud of their Timmys and Timbits, but it’d be like Seth saying “a man in Canada was arrested today” and people saying “UM ACTUALLY, he’s not ‘a man’. His name is David.” We’re talking common nouns vs proper nouns.


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