CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, May 9

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like accidentally mispronouncing Werther’s and showing a weirdly designed hurricane wall.

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CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, May 9 – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Comment (1,790)

  1. 9:45 correction on Milli Vannili:
    They were in concert when it slipped on “Girl you know it’s – Girl you know it’s – Girl you know it’s – Girl you know it’s” and that’s when Rob walked off stage to see what was happening with the track. It was not slipping on just one word. I watched the “Behind The Music” on them. It was fascinating. Rob has since passed, and last I heard, Fab was still trying to make it happen on his own in the music industry under his own name and voice.

  2. Why is he feeling out of sorts and how can we cheer him up?
    The joke about Calculating Jackal is just art. Pure and simple.

  3. This Corrections segment is so bad, I had to write a comment about it. It's like hearing a curmudgeon talk about what he ate during WW II.

  4. Correction: Grimace being a taste bud is an Internet myth. He started out as an evil monster who had four arms, terrorizing McDonaldland by stealing milkshakes – part of Ronald McDonald's rogue gallery. Like they learned to fear the Hamburglar, kids were taught that their milkshakes would bring Grimace to the yard.

    Incidentally, I am stunned that nobody has yet attempted a McDonaldland Cinematic Universe. I would support the creation of a dark gritty McCU.

    Anyway, later on, Grimace got a reboot, became a fat purple sac, had two of his arms amputated and presumably received a frontal lobotomy – because that's the kind of justice Ronald McDonald delivers in McDonaldland. That smile is nothing but bright eyes and greasepaint.

    Don't even ask what happened to Mayor McCheese.

  5. So glad you gave a shout-out to the German speakers on this week's corrections. I hate to be a jackal about it, but I have to let you know the way Seth said Werther's is still not correct. The first 'e' sounds more like a long 'a' in English. To give you an idea, here is a clip of someone summarizing Goethe's famous "Sorrows of Young Werther." The narrator says the name Werther several times, and the video also happens to be a very pleasant diversion if you have a few minutes.
    TW: thumbnail depicts character's suicide

    *PS maybe also pay attention to how the author says the name "Goethe" before trying to pronounce the name

  6. Is that the first iteration of the jackal calculator mug or will there be more designs? I’d quite like to get one but really don’t want premature jackulation.

  7. I'm not gonna even go into the macro level mispronunciations of Werther's that Seth still does… If he wants the correct pronunciation he can google it and get a soundbite. It's fine really, just still not completely correct either. Also your German villain impression sounds more Austrian to me, probably based on all the Austrian actors in Hollywood…

  8. I don't mind them getting married after less than a year of dating, but getting married less than a year after seeing Seth Myers do stand up comedy? Lobby Wedding.

  9. Jaculator! yes! Verters- no! One thing that bothers me is that Seth is always pulling his shirts down, Are they too tight? Do they not fit? He doesn't seems uncomfortable because every few minutes he has to pull it down a bit. Can't he have comfortable clothes? I think he deserves it. And this color is not for you Seth. Stick with the dark primaries or the plaids. This color makes your skin look funny. And why do your writers hate Texas?😂

  10. If Grimace is indeed a taste bud, then we need a correction to the photo, since the bone structure of a taste bud after years would be non-existent. An empty photo would do it…

  11. ACTUALLY pushes up glasses Scotty WAS in The Next Generation. He was in an entire Episode AND he was mentioned in another. SUCK ON THAT YOU JACKALS 🙂

  12. I always suspected that jackals are nerds….now I know. 6:07 (<—-Loved the manhole cover reference too) Big props for the graphic department per the Great Wall o' Tejas. Caging a hurricane is a pretty good idea since China has that gun. And since you are now the official jackal babhdóir, may I get an introduction to the jaculator? Brians are sexy.

  13. A complaint about complaints: If you're going to pronounce the w and th with a German accent, the e's need a long-A sound… errr, yep that's right!

  14. When it comes to the Mandela effect a lot of what people ARE remembering r lines from advertisements like the Luke, I am your father is from an ad for energizer batteries when they were introducing the energizer bunny.

  15. As a proud nerd who has very little else to contribute to corrections around the areas of pop culture, Scotty was in an episode of Star Trek Next Generation. S6E4. It was also the appearance of a Dyson Sphere in Next Generation.

  16. Ex-Freakin' scuse me?!?!?!?!?!
    Scotty WAS in an episode of Next Generation.
    Part of the conflict was that he was attempting to perform work on a starship that he was unfamiliar with and kept assuming what was normal for the new Enterprise was far beyond the limits of what a ship SHOULD do.
    I think it was around season 6
    Seth, you know better. Don't ever let us down like this again.

  17. Very disappointed that you did not do the rest of the segment with the Werthers in your mouth. Perhaps when it is in your mouth the German accent is on and you couldn’t have done the other impressions?

  18. While the comment about regional biases on pronunciation is fair, companies selling products in a market where the pronunciation is different have three options: (1) change the spelling, so that it's still pronounced the same (in the DACH region Vick's [Vaporub] is known as Wick's), (2) keep the spelling but advertise how speakers in that market would expect to pronounce it (this is Werther's), or (3) make people feel stupid for pronouncing their name / product wrong (Hermes, Louis Vuitton come to mind).

    I prefer to pronounce names as originally intended, rather than simply butcher it because I can't be bothered. Knowing about origins can make experiences richer and interactions more meaningful, and maybe make other feel more valued because someone is making an effort.

    It's a different thing if people don't realize there is another pronunciation because advertisement suggests otherwise. In those cases a correction can be more of a PSA.

  19. Correction to the milli vanilli skit. It is “girl you know it’s, girl you know it’s, girl you know it’s…” lol tho that part you guys skipped made me laugh.

  20. Not a correction, but why doesn't the merchandise department just also hire some of the props department people? The props department clearly knows both how mugs work and how to meet a deadline. I feel this would be a win for everyone because the props department is fantastic and should clearly get raises, but I have to assume there just isn't that sort of budget allocated towards them based off Seth's comments. Having them split their time between props and merchandize would allow them to be paid the money they clearly deserve and would get us our much wanted mugs before we all die of old age.

  21. Doctor Werther S. Original would make an excellent mad scientist for Cicada, Cicada. Sings "It's all about taste, buds" while packing a colorful Candy Cannon with a hurricane of flavor.

  22. That Milli Vanilli incident was exaggerated what actually happened was the guy who really sang the songs litigated the s*** out of the record label people were lip syncing back then all the time yes it was caught on camera but nobody at that show really cared and they had a career for a year or two after that

  23. Correction: In language, specifically dialogue, there is something called the understood noun. This is most commonly the understood “You.” For example, the shortest complete sentence is “Go!” despite it seemingly having no subject, just a verb (predicate) would seem it’s incomplete as a complete sentence has both. However, there is a subject that was unstated and grammatically the sentence is diagrammed as “[You] go!” with an understood you as a person is being directly addressed. If I began ever sentence with Seth because I’m talking to you the language would sound weird. Bert, that’s how Ernie talks, Bert. In dialogue it’s understood the other person is the recipient of imperative information and thus in the imperative form no subject need be given.
    All of this is to say that in the direct dialogue between Vader and Luke, where Luke was the recipient of information in this two-person conversation, there was an understood recipient of the message. You’ll note Luke did not say “who are you talking to, dude” as it was very clear. In the body of the entire conversation it has been established Luke is the listener to Vader’s information. Meaning, to take this sentence out of context, we might grammatically add the understood recipient that has been left out as the line was removed from context. Vader was talking to Luke. So, just like an understood you in the sentence “[You] go!” The line is “No, [Luke], I am your father.” Within the body of the full monologue it isn’t necessary as Luke has been established as the recipient of information. Vader is less scary in Ernie speech. No would be in awe of “Your fathers rubber ducky, it’s the one. It made the clone wars lots of fun.”
    So, out of context, “No, Luke, I am your father” is correct.

  24. It would be really neat if you sold the various jackal mug designs as stickers, and then you’d introduce them as like just a subtle sip from your new barely used reusable water bottle. I would gasp SO hard!!

  25. Ugh, I'm on my boyfriend's account but I'd just like to say this Werthers bit is a lot. I had a sex dream about Andy Samberg last night and that seems more important than this running Verters/Werthers bit.

  26. The manhole cover is a super cool story! It was going fast enough that it either made it to space or disintegrated. Most scientists think it’s the latter.

  27. So, I have some questions regarding the "Correction's Original," I can't say I've ever been a jackal in the past, but maybe there's a darkness to me that I've been unaware of 😳

  28. Jakulator
    I'm done. It can't get any better. It was nice knowing you Late Night w Seth Meyers.
    Gold stars all-around 🌟

  29. Correction: Still not getting the Werther's right. The first e is pronounced as in "werewolf" or "fear". Vearters. Not Vuturs or vörtörs. And no, I'm not German, so this isn't me insisting you correct your pronunciation to "MY" language.

    Also, be better.
    Sorry, GET better; sorry to hear you're feeling out of sort.


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