Corey Seager, Rangers agree to MASSIVE 10-year, $325M deal [Instant Reaction] | CBS Sports HQ

Former MLB GM Jim Bowden joins CBS Sports HQ to break down everything you need to know about Corey Seager landing a huge deal with the Rangers.


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  1. Wow Rangers are going nuts Siemen & Seager I am a Mets fan & he signed a similar contract to Lindor Surprised the Dodges let Seager go but they buttressed themselves for this contingencybwith the Trea Turner addition who is arguably slightly better. I am stunned the Yankees didn’t sign him as they need a SS & the market for top shortstops is drying up. The Rangers have a dynamic SS-2B combo with Seager & Simien. Simien profiles as a top 2B over being a good mid-level shortstop as he is limited defensively at short. Good deal but Seager does get hurt a lot. Basically Story & Correa are left. Yankees will have to go for one of them. Correa will cost more but Story is older & more of a risk for a decline as he ages.

  2. Carlos Correa; and his agent, have to love this. Seager's signing has set a high bar and Correa can expect to jump over that bar with his contract, wherever he lands.

  3. As a dodger fan I'm sad but I'm happy for him.go where the money is seager!!! L.A will miss you you'll always be a dodger and I'm happy fi the rangers maybe they'll be a Good wild card team this year. As for my dodgers I'm not worried we have a stack farm system with new player trying to make a name for themselves and we still have one of the best lineups in baseball but we need another pitcher. Will still win the n.l west.

  4. I could understand a 10 year contract if Corey was younger say 21, 22, 23 ..but the 7 year vet is approaching 28. Good luck w that Rangers
    .870 OPS. above average player sure, tho not elite. 32.5M per season is elite level cash


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