Copy Cat – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #63

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  1. All the young male kittens I had showed this behavior, copying the oldest tomcat. This video is very accurate, all the actions of the kitten in it I have observed one on more times. Strange enough, I never saw a female kitten do it.

  2. I always enjoy the interactions between Simon's cat and the kitten. Several years ago, I fed a stray tabby whom I named "Dart" because she always zoomed from one place to another. Then months later, a perfect little Russian Blue kitten wandered into my yard and decided to stay. I named this cat "Pen". While Dart was not amused by the presence of a new cat on the patio, she gradually took up the role of mentor and teacher for Pen and although he was very independent, he always checked to see what Dart would do in a situation and then did the same. Eventually, they became friendly and relaxed with each other, although Dart never relinquished her role as head of the cat pack. Not too long after that I was obligated to move and had to take my cats to a shelter for adoption. I miss them keenly.

  3. I love it when the older cat takes charge and cleans the kitten. It's always made me laugh with my own cats. They wash them so hard they're pulling their eyes open when they wash the kittens head! Mine as kittens have always tried the sticking claws into the carpet/sofa/human so they can wash without falling over 🤣

  4. This may be my favorite one 😂😍
    Reminds me of my cat the first time she met another cat, we found her on the highway at 2 weeks old and she never met another cat!! We got her a friend- a sister, because she seemed lonely, they're best friends it's been a couple years but our first cat is still learning how to cat, she's finally learning to meow and make noises as well!

  5. Reminds me of when I was in elementary school and this boy and I would keep playing Copycat in class. I was pretty much always the one being copied :3


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