compLexity – Call of Duty® World League

Check out the team profile for compLexity Gaming. The players of compLexity have built friendships outside of the game. Having teamed and won in previous years, these players now look to find success together in the Call of Duty World League.

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  1. oh my god i just watched the careers vid that vid was so inspiring much that i know what i want to do when i grow up i want to be an programmer thank you so much Activation i cant even discrabe how i feeling sorry for the spelling errors thx

  2. hey make a vid on how to fix lvl s coz my game is still on lvl 55 i should be lvl 56 it says 0 xp left it keeps saying that and im still on lvl 55 i have been lvl 55 for about 3 weeks so fix it plz

  3. Cod, WHY did you go with next gen consoles instead of both next and last gen for dlc's, graphics, and campaign? Can you make MW4 or Cod ghosts 2 also for last gen please? MW2 and 3 were great games, so why not MW4?

  4. 1:06 what nameless is saying: "Ok so here's the bomb. Once you plant, best play is to flank around. It would be so much easier to show you actually playing on the map, but we're gonna walk down this random alley, stand in front of this fence, and talk about it here on my hand instead. Ok….." 😂


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