Comedian Josh Blue

Comedian Josh Blue stops by for a preview of his show at SideSplitters Comedy Club.

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  1. A good comedian doesn't make up bullshit stories. A funny comedian doesn't laugh at his own jokes and tells real stories of his life. Josh is the only one in my life that has ever made me laugh.

  2. JFHC… smh.  "You talk about your disease."  Palsy isn't a fkn disease.  Kind of like that interviewer's abnormally weirdly mouth hole, fkd up grill, inset eyes, and alopecia suffering eyebrows.

  3. Cerebral palsy isn’t really a disease, it’s a condition caused by brain damage. It’s usually caused by complications during birth, but some people can actually develop cerebral palsy after something like a stroke. Calling it a disease is like saying someone missing an arm has a disease lol

    Anyway, I love Josh Blue, he’s super funny and seems like a cool guy

  4. Josh is the man! He could have been mad at the world for the malpractice, but instead has embraced it and rising to be a better person than the majority of of us. True inspection brother, God bless ya. Love you man!!

  5. Wait a minute – did anyone else hear that he went to a liberal arts school where they could create their own major … and he made made one by renting Richard Prior tapes and getting high!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂. I think it’s true and I love it!!!!! I have to admit – I needed that tonight (☹️ <then – now> 🙂). Thanks Josh, I know you won’t see this, but thank you for your hard work.

  6. God I Love You Josh, You Are Absolutely Amazing, And Very Funny, I Love Your Confidence, You're An inspiration To So Many People Out there, Who Have a Disability, a Great Advocate, I Myself, Am One Of them, So thank You So Much Josh, You Give Me Hope, God Bless You, And Have a Wonderful Day, Keep Up the Good ❤

  7. I am the sister of an female with cerebral palsy and I am glad to see that the public is more accepting of disabilities these days. It was hard to see mother's pull their kids away from my sister when we were out together. I love her dearly and knew that they were only being ignorant and rude because they did not understand the disability. I have to be honest. I am 9 years older than her and sometimes when she was shunned by people I took offense, but I would use the opportunity to make them think, what if it was their child would they want people to behave like she/they did? Anyway,✌ & 💘 to ALL!

  8. I was not happy when she called cerebral palsy a disease. It's a neurological injury at some time where oxygen was cut off to the brain. Get educated Morning Blend.


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