COCO CAY, the exclusive Royal Caribbean island in The Bahamas. Full HD island tour.

COCO CAY -Little Stirrup Cay- is an exclusive Royal Caribbean Intl island in The Bahamas. I visited this beautiful place while cruising on the Freedom of the Seas. Enjoy :- )

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Audio track: “Chee Zee Beach Latinesque”, by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. This island looks awesome but after the Cayman Islands, i will never do another tendered port…..It was an unorganized, time consuming ordeal…We lost about and hour and a half waiting to get to the island……

  2. Hmmm… Looks a bit over-regulated to me. Lots of people crammed into a small roped off area for swimming. There was a tiny little cove filled with waterbikes that were all moving at idle because there was no space to open up the throttle; just a sign that Royal Caribbean is regulating to liability instead of allowing freedom to their guests.
    I am leary of planning to do any real snorkeling at this island on our upcoming cruise. I fear that lifeguards will be treating me like a gradeschool kid.

  3. I really like it before. Was more private. I went there 5 years ago. I wonder what happened with the chicken they had, due to the new construction.

  4. Those were some beautiful views, very colorful I might add. You do an excellent job of editing, some of the best I've seen. So you were on the cruise ship visiting the island? Thank you for sharing this great video.


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