CNN: Dolphins see themselves in mirror

CNN’s Randi Kaye goes down in an underwater lab to see how dolphins react to themselves in a mirror.

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  1. not right smart dolphins gov navy use low kit bobs navy test free wild boat free dolphins clean water be money off of out live you free fish paul not right fish thank like jail free wild

  2. I would love to see the reaction if you were to, say, shine a light just on your face which would cause you suddenly appear to them in the one-way mirror. Make the light beam as tight and bright as possible.

  3. she's like "oh its important that we let everyone know how smart these animals are so we treat them better" bitch let them thangs out of the pool they need to swim miles a day free the dolphins

  4. My cat looks at himself, and me, through the mirror! I think many animals that "Dont pass" the mirror test are simply not interested in their reflection because they're used to it. Think about how many reflective things the average housepet sees. Im sure after a while they get used to their reflection and stop caring about it.

  5. When I ask people if the dolphins hate the loud noises, I get tired of them saying”oh, they get used to it” like they don’t give a fk about the poor dolphins

  6. One day when the earth is destroyed to make way for a galactic highway, they would have disappeared in the days before…singing "So long and thanks for all the fish…." they've been warning us all along! 👋🐬 ⏱🌍

  7. I don't think recognizing your reflection is a good litmus test for self-awareness. I am certain my cat is self-aware, but he doesn't care about his reflection. There may be physical factors involved, not just cognitive.

  8. Would they turn out to be a narcissist and controlling of the mirror the longer they know it's there? Basically I want to know if one or more dominant individuals will start controlling the mirror access in time…

  9. I read a story from one researcher: He was smoking a cigarette and blew smoke at the glass at a baby dolphin. It stared at him for a second and then went to his mother, suckled a bit, swam back to the glass and blew milk at the glass at the man.

  10. Reese is an idiot. She needs to watch videos of cats and dogs trying to play with themselves I mean playing with the reflection or fighting the reflection in the mirror. She said cats and dogs ignore their reflection in the mirror, that is wrong.👍😁😎

  11. Too bad that they're kept in tiny places for so long.

    If you're going to hold them captive, give them a HUGE amount of space, and only keep them for a short while

  12. Fucking depressing man smart as fuck only lacking a thumb. Some scientists believe they even have names for each other yet we lock them in a fucking swimming pool 1 millionth the size of the oceans they live in.

  13. If I assume that dolphins' intelligence rivals that of humans, then I must also fear that there is a group of dolphins somewhere with humans in a cage, watching the humans discover themselves in mirrors, and trying to figure out how to protect and "save" the humans.

  14. It's so fascinating to watch these tests with thr different animals that do show awareness of self.

    Amusingly for me, the Bonobo inevitably becomes obsessed with seeing what their junk looks like. This shouldn't be surprising for a species that has such and openly hypersexual group behavior, but it always catches me off guard. Reminds me of being 13. 😉

  15. The last thing a cat will do is ignore a mirror, unless the cat is accustomed to it. Most male cats upon first encountering a mirror will see the reflection an unwelcome rival of interloper.

  16. If the were not so delicious I would not hunt them for food, they do seem almost too smart to be put here for us as food. I do not waste them either, most of the organs and tongue is also very tasty.

  17. Humans only began to think once they realized that they were not the only species that can think.
    We may have had the ability to think before but we never actually used it.

  18. I thought it was common knowledge that whales and elephants were directly related? Why the surprise that they both react similarly to mirrors?

  19. The more tolerance within one's self relating to consciousness in my opinion is intellectual ability, I believe dolphins are extremely intelligent for this interaction alone. A bear (as shown on YouTube) would just act extremely primitive and freakout about their own self. The goal of life is ultimate righteous amplification upon all living, "if you cant love yourself, how can you love anyone else?" …


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