Clone Wars Tomorrow

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Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 premieres tomorrow on Disney Plus. The long awaited conclusion to the Clone Wars is finally near. Clone Wars Tomorrow trailer!

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  1. In Force Awakens Kylo Ren was discussing with Hux the possibility of using a clone army to help find the map. I wonder if Jj Abrams considered actually putting them in the movie. If would of been cool if he did.

  2. Very nice video and I mean very nice and I really want 2 know how long I’ll take 2 have a fiscal copy of the show? I mean Spence I have the movie and 1 through 6 Y not have this season 2 complete the collection so if anyone has an inside sores about this season share with everyone who luvs this show as much as I do or don’t even have the movie and/or show and they want this as a fiscal cod let every 1 know on when. Again great video really👍👍👍👍😀😀

  3. I Had Many Favorite episodes from Master Yoda Tellling the clones that they are not just to be spared to heavy sacraficing himself even the lost clone that help r2dt and his droid squad to get to a ship even Young Ahsoka tano trail and Fives tryna exposed order 66 it was all so emotional

  4. To all the brothers we lost in battle, We salute you, To all the favorites we lost along they way whether it be a last stand, or trying to prove a conspiracy, We salute you. You have been loved for years and you are missed…


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