‘Clean players can make dirty plays!’- Max reacts to LeBron’s interaction with Isaiah Stewart | TJI

Max Kellerman is joined by Zach Lowe to react to LeBron elbowing Isaiah Stewart during the Lakers vs. Pistons matchup.

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Comment (133)

  1. To me he was trynna swipe at stewarts arm that was placed on LeBrons hip, and since stewart was so close and still pushing LeBron after the free throw, he ended up hitting his head with his elbow instead

  2. It Was Not A Elbow It Was His Hand Watch It He Wanted To Hit Him But Bron Didn’t Mean To Dmg Him Like That It’s Lebron LEBRON He Didn’t Mean To Hurt Him 😒 But Hey The Out Come Was The Out Come 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. The length of Isaiah's suspension is the single most important thing to pay attention to. A Solomon Hill freak accident or LeBron catching a finger in the eye with a "my bad" remark right after might take place in 6 days.

  4. I’m going to punch my co-worker as we disagree on a project then put my hand out like “I’m sorry”. I’m sure they’ll smile right back and say no problem gtfoh 🤣

  5. Honestly, Lakers can win all 5 remaining games in November and they could still be back being a .500 team before the new year. Clippers, Boston, @ Memphis 2x, @ Dallas, @ Chicago, Phoenix, Brooklyn, and Portland.

  6. Knicks fans and Pacers fans should rejoice. You won't see LeBron on this trip any more. Wasn't like Lakers were winning both games any way. LeBron might have sit out on Wednesday. Must load manage him like Kawhi.

  7. MSG will still sell out even if a 2-16 Lakers minus LeBron showed up. Knicks fans are deranged. So NY doesn't need LeBron to play tomorrow. They show up in droves and ride and die for their team like Spike does.

  8. THANK YOU MAX. I agree. Also side note: a 1 or even 10 game suspension for LeBron means next to nothing but a 1 or 2 game suspension for someone making what stewart makes is a much larger hit

  9. Isaiah tasting blood in mouth was accepting NO APOLOGIES. Just because LeBron said it was an accident doesn't mean Isaiah should take it in stride. LeBron isn't a dirty player but that was a DIRTY PLAY. Must be punished.

  10. Cannot agree Bron isn't a dirty player. He often gets away with things like this but the blood brought so much attention he wasn't let off the hook this time.
    Most recently, you remember him shoving Embiid mid air to the ground? pepperidge farm remembers

  11. LeBron finally cracked. Something he said 3 years ago when he said he almost cracked. He snapped. Was down by 12 in the 3rd by the lowly Pistons and he finally let his rage come out like Parish to Laimbeer in 1987.

  12. Perhaps LeBron isn't this nice guy we all thought he was? That he too has the rage of MJ and Steve Jobs. That he demands perfection. Nice guy Kerr has said his temper is more like Draymond. He's not always nice.

  13. All it takes is that one moment to ruin everything. Did you think Kermit Washington was a bad person before he almost killed Rudy T? Didn't Len Bias die by trying cocaine for the first time? Wasn't OJ nice before June 1994?

  14. All it takes is one F up in this cancel culture we live in, and the Karens will be trying to cancel you on Twitter like they did to Ellen DeGeneres and Rachel Nichols.


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