Chris Broussard GOES CRAZY LeBron drops 39 in return from suspension as Lakers beat Pacers in OT

Chris Broussard GOES CRAZY LeBron drops 39 in return from suspension as Lakers beat Pacers in OT

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  1. Lebron Should Not Have The Ability to kick Anyone out of any Arena No Matter what was Said!!!!Sticks and Stones may break my Bones But Words Can Never Ever Ever Hurt Me!!!!!Isn't that How we were Raised people???We saw give me my safe space Lebron he pointed to the people Courtside like a little kid wich is Wierd….

  2. Stop hating. LeBron James is the King 🤴, Face it. And there would be (NO) NBA Professional basketball league without LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. And once both Phenomenal, Spectacular, Star, Olympic Champion's Retire, this NBA Professional basketball league is going to be dead because Nobody is going to watch the NBA games anymore. It will (NOT) be exciting to watch anymore. And Africa 🌍 may come and take over the NBA Basketball League, and change it to the International African Professional basketball league. Watch, after LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony both Retire Together at the same time. Carmelo Anthony has always said that him and LeBron James came into the NBA Basketball League ("Together ") and they will "Leave out of the NBA League ("Together ") when they "Retire".

  3. Fans talking trash because they paid $10 ticket prices should all be kicked out. That’s what federations are working on in every sport. Enough of all the disrespect

  4. They go crazy over anything Lebron does right or wrong . His son was smoking weed on ig while in middle school an they acted like it was a normal 14 year old thing to do

  5. I have to apologize for making a statement that maybe the Lakers were washed up. LeBron James I am sorry. You are the shit. I am a Celtic's fan rooting for the James' Lakers. Unheard of. I hope you prove all critics wrong and get another NBA Championship or three.

  6. Before any of you LeBron haters say LeBron shouldn't have had the hecklers thrown out. Those evil people crossed the Line once they said they hope Bronny James dies in a crash. They're lucky he got the Refs to throw them out

  7. Lebron is a great player coming from a gsw fan but it ain’t gonna continue if that’s what they want from him on a nightly basis against top tier teams good luck trying that shit against the bucks, nets, suns, jazz, bulls, heat, clippers, Denver, and GSW you guys are delusional

  8. It's just 39 points relax. They're celebrating like they won something against the Pacers 😆 pathetic. Also LeBron is a such a snitch that he POINTED at those fans Courtside. His feelings clearly got hurt. Kobe and MJ would never…

  9. The difference when Michael Jordan did these things. The league treated him like a princess, and gave him all the fouls. Michael Jordan hit a game winner against the weak cavaliers ya remember that.

  10. 10:14 what an idiotic statement. The greatest competitor in human history was Alexander the Great. Look that up yourself. He died at 32 and still managed to conquer most of the known world. His competition wasn't a game though. If you lost you didn't get another chance.

  11. Our Lakers really needed this win. Coming home [luckily] at 500 from this overall really bad & embarrassing road trip with this consolation kinda justifies Lakers ticket prices. Slow start again & our defense is still very subpar against another losing team.


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