China: Streamlining Electronic Waste

United Nations – Electronic waste or e-waste is becoming one of the largest rubbish streams in the world. China and the United States together account for one-third of the world’s e-waste. Experts say if e-waste is not recycled properly, humans and the environment will suffer from exposure to carcinogens and toxic fumes emanating from obsolete electronics languishing in garbage dumps around the world.

UN in Action, Episode #1502

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  1. It's a lie anyone who knows anything g about Ewaste they just want the money they will take all the copper cobalt tantalum etc put and dump the rest the back yarders are not doing anymore polluting then they are the people who get the gold out use the chemicals not the simple town folk what a lie

  2. Lol "Protect people" "Protect water" "Protect the environment"… this guy clearly has no idea what China has and Is still doing to its people, water and environment…


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