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Trade figures for August show that the growth in both EXPORTS and IMPORTS fell compared to previous months and were SIGNIFICANTLY below Market Expectations. The BALANCE OF TRADE was also down more than $20 BILLION compared to July. In this video I provide full details and look at GDP and DEBT Levels. China is facing major headwinds of REDUCED DEMAND, RISING COSTS and ZERO TOLERANCE COVID LOCKDOWNS which has left it on the brink of RECESSION and ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

For specific details please check out the CHAPTER list below.

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0:00 Intro
11:52 YUAN
13:36 GDP
16:07 DEBT


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Comment (1,891)

  1. Joe is very good at presenting figures, statistics & graphs which are undeniably nondebatable. However, when he presents such, it is like saying a glass is half full or half empty. As observed, he presents the competitor of the west in bad light, not to mention Russia.
    Here are things you should understand about China based on figure presented by Joe.
    1. It has a very high density in population and the CCP has to monitor strictly what is happening inside specially the pandemic because a spread can completely paralyze the country resulting to unrest.
    2. The balance of trade is still in the positive territory compared to western countries (USA & Germany).
    3. The decrease in value of Yuan means their products are more cheaper to export therefore western countries will have a hard time competing in the export market.
    4. When it comes to imports of raw materials specially oil & gas which they import a lot from Russia, they get a large discount on prices and they either pay in rubles or yuan in exchange for large imports of Russia. Even OPEC deals with China not only in dollars but also Yuan and their countries currency.
    China has been conducting lockdowns ever since the pandemic started specially in Wuhan, Hubei which has recovered very fast. And that is the blueprint that China as been using since then.
    Hope Joe starts presenting what is happening in the west for more balance information. Thanks.

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    Crashing, Protests Everywhere. China's financial

    It's the WEST that is in for an economic collapse with these stupid sanctions against Russia. Another stupid war we can never win. We need the fookin' Russian gas and oil to keep poor people from freezing this winter. And we need the fookin' Chinese to make the crap the poor buy cheap.

  3. Consider not increasing any sanction (components) for a time. Point made, I'm sure for the Russian State, I don't think Putin is solely in control. From my reading, it could be decades long, if ever for Russia to recover. Russia has been nothing but bluster since the Berlin Wall fell and everyone knew it was a "Paper Tiger". Its Military kit is the same then as now . It has never been a legitimate or functional Military threat with the exception of the (Suicidal use of Nuclear Weapons). But here's the thing, Russia is no threat and will not be a threat, for a considerable amount of time if ever. It has been reported that Russia's electronics for missiles and rockets are developed and manufactured in Ukraine, the only rocketry it, Russia, produces are Space Lift Rockets. Also, it is reported (multiple sourcing) that Russia produces no homemade IC Chips, none. Its MLRS Rockets are for the most part are mid-1940 era, dumb rockets. So, how likely is it that their ICBMs and SLBM are for a large, part Dumb Nukes. And their Bomber Fleet and Cruise Missiles are irrelevant as far as being deliverable against US(us) we would counter a significant number of these type of attack.
    Then there is the ridiculous notion that the only reason there was an Arms Race/Cold War was we kept selling, or allowing other Nato Countries as well as Japan and Taiwan, to sell Military (type) and Rocket (grade) electronics to Russia… So, 70 years of Bullshit threat assessments from CIA, Department of Defense, NSA and Whatever Else Entity for providing the Reason for our 801 Billion Dollar, Defense Budget. Just make believe reports of the Dangerous Russians, ready to take us out at anytime. Plus the Senior Service Officers walk right into Industries that his Military Rank was Commercially involved with.
    Now that Russia is Publicly Kaput, it Let's Keep Growing Our Military for the Super Power Chinese, Not. China is doing as Russia did, with exceptions, talking high-tech, rather than showing high-tech. To finish, lets lower Defense Spending By 20% over an upcoming 20 year period, utilizing the funds saved to train our workforce to a Math Based, Stem Influenced, Multilingual Education System that is better prepared for maximizing the access to knowledge, that we have. If we as a Nation are more intelligent, we will accomplish more.

  4. You too? Too many people on the China gonna crash bandwagon. That wagon's gonna crash.

    China's headed for a recession, probably. Crash? Eh … possibly. Collapse? No.

    China's economy is now nearly the size of the US. We shouldn't treat it like some tiny banana republic.

    Look, even Sri Lanka hasn't collapsed yet. Same government is still in charge. They only swapped to a different leader. An entire country's not gonna collapse from an economic stumble.

  5. China may have serious financial issues but the CCP will remain regardless how many of their citizens starve to death. Mao proved this by killing 40-60M of his own population. Now its Mao 2.0, better known as Dictator Xi.

  6. China is in a transformation stage where they are more engaged in South East Asia focusing on swap currency arrangements. Already they have a strong diaspora in SEA. If you are talking about GDP, the export revenue is only a fraction of domestic consumption. So your analysis must be done differently for a country like China

  7. Very strange. Why don't you talk of American declining econnomy ?
    What about the trillions of American debt titles held by China ?
    The economic anallysis made by so-called western experts are so bias that they should never be taken into consideration.
    There is a huge Gap between facts and the interprétations made by western economists.
    Please we are eager to get from you an detailed analysis of American economy.
    You wasting your time.
    China will in a few years become the first economy of the world.
    Your apocalyptic anallysis of China économic will not stop that change from happening.
    What about the abyssal debt of the USA , which Washington never be able to pay?
    Time will prove tour pack of lies wrong..

  8. Absolutely gibberish.
    Why ?
    China can & will definitely lift the lockdowns wen the situation worsens. Wen it's citizens goes berserk over these.
    The populace wil go into overdrive should the lockdown ends. There will be a major spurt in purchases, as in the tourism industry, where travel hubs are not able to cope with the thirst to travel.
    It's a controlable situation.

  9. How many years have ive watched videos of chinas collapse, china is doomed etc etc

    But they kept coming back alive and stronger.
    The west is gullible, while you guys are focused on chinas fall, you failed to recognise your own weakness

  10. It's inaccurate to describe a recession defined by 2 consecutive quarters of "falling" GDP. The world "falling" can be interpreted not as an absolute but as as part of a trend, eg 8.5% GDP growth to 5% to 3% which is falling quarter to quarter but still positive each quartre.

    The proper definition is that a Recession is defined as 2 conseqcutive quarters of negative growth, which clearly means <0% numbers, ie a contracting economy.

  11. This might cause the economy faliures in some parts, however it won't have significant impact to put China into recession. The strongest reason is because CCP can control foreign currency reserve and China still has the power as a manufacturing giant. It's more risky when it comes into political corruption and failure in financial crisis. The banks are in serious debt problem, which can be managed by the government, and it has to be serious enough to shake people's daily lives in order to break the extension of regime of CCP. Socialist countries do not break down by finance, but by revolution.

  12. This is because nobody is buying christmas gimicks at the moment. Sellers already got notifications in June that they should order by end of July (before it was end of September). Also all the warehouses are filled with stuff bought through the covid crisis and still waiting for customers.

  13. This round of lockdowns isn't necessarily due to Covid, but likely from the 20th party congress next month. China's leader is going to destroy Li Keqiang's economy in order to get a 3rd term.

  14. Good job, but you're using Chinese economic statistics. I can guarantee you that they downplay their economic issues in these metrics. There have been reports that China's economy peaked in 2020 and has since been on a secular downtrend for the last 2 years. Some people speculate that they will end up like Japan and have stagnant growth for decades to come.

  15. It is all nice that you include chapters, but would it not be better if you would include sources? Since otherwise you smell awfully like desperate propaganda. I do not think there is anything to be happy about if China's economy would crash, since it would bring down a lot of other countries with it (including Western ones).

  16. For years the westerners have been claiming china gonna fail and they were always wrong then, and they are gonna be wrong now. 😂 y’all will see

  17. China had waited over 20 years since Gordon Chang talked on China collapse, unfortunately for the American to their disappointment as China economy though they have slow down a bit but still growing as ever ..Maybe we can talk about US collapse which seen more accurate as US is moving into decline for sure and dollar were weaken and losing it dominance slowly though we see the strong dollar now due to Ukraine war and high interest rates but only for temporary…Eventually US dollar will lose their dominance and once this happened US economy and military will collapse at the same time because the American can't print anymore money without losing it value…why US military will collapse ?? Because they don't the money to support their 800 bases around the world. Why their economy will collapse ?? Because they can't print anymore money to pump into Wall Street…US have rape the world economy for decades and many countries are beginning to distrust dollar and ditching out slowly for other alternative platforms which the American weaponised it…

  18. Beats me how anyone thinks they can believe any statistics coming out of China. Even if it's not a centrally planned deceit, the inability of any economic sector to own any failings means the outcome will never be known.

  19. The sky is falling, the sky is falling! I've been hearing this bs about the collapse of China for the past twenty years. Recession or even depression does not equal collapse it's part of inevitable economic cycles.

  20. Is the zero Covid policy in China an excuse to stop
    manufacturing? Worldwide inflation has caused people to stop buying Chinese products.
    Any size business would need
    to stop producing if demand comes to a halt.
    So the true reason for lockdowns in China is to
    stop paying workers. 😮

  21. Thanks Joe. Demographics is also a major concern in China. The lack of younger factory workers is causing higher wage pressure. More resources will be focused on care for the elderly in China.

  22. China has followed self-centered foreign, economic, and trade policies, believing that it can sit idly by, while the rest of the world sufffers from war, recession, inflation, hunger, and civil disorder. China was planning on simply benefitting from discounted Russian gas and oil and making predatory loans to the Third World. Sorry China. You are your brother's keeper, and when the rest of the world goes to Hell, you sell less to them.

  23. Is this good for the environment? Overshoot is the use of all the natural resources required for our survival (water, fertile soil, rainforests, and healthy ocean ecosystems.) Stopping production of useless things such as toys, cosmetics, cheap clothing and single use plastic is probably a good thing. Economists' ideas of perpetual growth has always ben flawed.

  24. China have billions invest in minerals resources in many countries already and no way the can fail. China is so smart that can use experts also in their adventages…

  25. The debt to GDP ratio is inaccurate. You did not include local government debt, nor did you include state owned enterprises. The actual debt ratio is over 200% or more. Not to mention of the money printing they've been doing for over a decade.

  26. As the economy crisis keep rising,one needs to have different streams of income, as well as secure a profitable investment future. detailed diversified investment portfolio in the financial markets is needed to survive

  27. 2008 global financial crisis

    You all remember that?
    Everyone hurt going into it. The real winners were those who rebounded coming out of it.

    9:33 "It has a positive balance of trade."
    Yes, China's economy is slipping. But the WORLD is slipping into recession. China earning $79 Billion in profit is not as great as $101 Billion in profit, sure. But it is still much better than $0 Billion profit. China earning a profit — of any kind — shows that when the world returns to normal, China will rebound STRONG.

    All of the video's points about China not going as good as usual are being viewed in isolation. The whole world is not going as good as usual, and I think China is doing comparativly better. What's important isn't how good or bad China is doing in comparison to its past self, it is how good or bad China is doing with comparison to other countries at any given time.

    If everyone falls, but China falls that little bit less, China will end up on top.
    If everyone gets up, and China gets up that little bit faster, China wll end up on top.

  28. This is getting a little ridiculous. All of these actors screaming about export/import issues and low productivity. I don’t have a hard time finding anything I need when I walk into my stores, so what is the problem here? Couple that fact with the fact that overall demand is dwindling due to a hawkish fed and we really do not have any supply issues and no trends indicating we may have issues anytime soon. Don’t forget that all of these YouTubers are marketers and life goes on.

  29. What is the likely economic or military strategy of china and Russia as their economies deteriorate? Is it possible that Russian aggression in Ukraine is a strategic move to prop up or prevent economic collapse. How will china use this global economic situation to their advantage?

  30. This is the dumbest video I've ever seen on YouTube 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 russian and China is crushing the petrol dollar…. I guess you guys are desperate and spreading misinformation now

  31. CCP deflects everything out of their responsibility.

    Zero COVID tells people that its their fault not the CCP for locking down.

    I wonder what will CCP come up with to torture their people for this.

  32. Here we go again…either Russia or China economic crash imminent while the whole of the EU on the verge of collapse more so than Russia or China but not even a mere mention of these countries or their having demonstrations and protests.

  33. Poetic justice. TCCP could have cracked down on these disgusting markets from whence the virus most likely emerged a long time ago. Big corrupt bureaucracies as usual fail in the long run.

  34. I have no love for the CCP, but I do hope they are successful in managing all these economic problems for the Chinese people, and hopefully not by transferring the problems to someone else. There is an enormous thinking mass in that country. Unfortunately the CCP does not seem to be willing to give bad news to the people, and the lack of a functioning democracy makes it harder for solutions based on reason to be implemented, as reason requires facing facts and not making up a convenient narrative.

  35. I'm not an expert in this field but have been following you for a few months. I've called you my Happiness Gnome in full irony.

    I contend with some of what you say, but particularly in relation to Russia.

    The full story is yet to unfold.

  36. US will collapse way before China.
    Demographically US will become something else. 3rd world. China still be Chinese. US will be latin america or south africa. With elites at the top and everyone else poor.
    China like the US but on steroids when it comes to water. China has more rivers than US. China power generation in hydro is number one in the world and still going.
    Wind and Solar similar to the US.
    China's is the world's largest trading partner. US can't maintain its huge military and social/cooperate welfare programs. China's trade would no longer be threaten by the US.

  37. I would like to add that this is not a "recession". This is the collapse of an entire system that has been our reality since the early 19th century.
    There is no more oil, no more metals, no more food, no more water.

  38. It's sad to see this channel turn into a western propaganda channel. I used to watch you every morning for sound solid advise but doing my own research joe is lob sided to west and his stats don't stack up.
    Sorry Joe I must unsubscribe. I can't make any judgment on my bussiness investment from your channel anymore.

    Thank you for your time and good bye.

  39. I like this channel but it's so inconsistent with Data, especially when you compare it to other geopolitical/ economic channels.
    He really needs to provide links or aleast give sources to data. Tends be alot contradictions, you have one video about Russia beating Sanctions then they collapsing 5 uploads later. Most analysts have China being the world's largest economy in earlier 30s' if they maintain growth but you're telling us in next few years?

  40. With all the talk of their draconian lockdowns and indifference to the suffering they cause, China and California sure have a lot in common. Two like-minded governments; it’s no wonder the CCP and the political Left make such natural allies.


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