Children of the Tsunami – Trailer

Children of the Tsunami: How are the Children of the Tsunami and Fukushima after a year of deadly radiation?

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On March 11th 2011 Japan woke up to a new and very frightening world. Through the eyes of the bright, smart young children who managed to survive the terrible disaster we see the pain-tinged environment in which they have to forge their futures. From the child who has forgotten how to speak to the eight-year-old who wants to become a radiation researcher. It is in turns a touching and horrifying vision of Japan’s tsunami generation.

Renegade Pictures – Ref. 5388

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  1. This is what's scary to watch Japan is so advanced and had advanced warnings of tsunamis and had a sea wall built that gave them a false sense of security I'm sure the way they are dealing with their threat in the Pacific Northwest the only way I think is to head for higher ground


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