Chadwick Boseman Surprises Black Panther Fans While They Thank Him

Black Panther fans filmed a video message sharing what the movie means to them – what they didn’t know was that Chadwick Boseman was right behind the curtain, waiting to surprise them.

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Chadwick Boseman Surprises Black Panther Fans While They Thank Him

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  1. This is honestly probably one of the most touching videos about him – it shows his incredible grace and wit as well as what he and the character+movie meant to so many people. And on top of it all, they managed to find some incredible and beautiful people to participate in this, it was their words that had me teary eyed. Respect to both them and Chadwick. rip king.

  2. Just finished watching the movie the second time. I just want to say how blessed those people are to have met you, I know they must cherish this video. Wish i got a chance to meet you too before you passed. So humble. I can't help but feel so sad and yet so happy watching this, can't help but laugh and cry at the same time. I didn't meet you and imiss you, is that even possible, i think you so. We miss you SOOOmuch man, you were one of the good ones. Sleep well.

  3. It goes without saying how much of an impact Chadwick had on the world.
    He absolutely inspired a generation of filmmakers and actors. Through his toughest times, he gave us some of his best film roles ever.
    He will undoubtedly go on as one of the most influential actors of our generation.
    Rest in Peace, King! 💜💜💜

  4. The way that young boy looked at him in awe and disbelief made me cry so much… What a special human being and what an impact he had in his short life! Rest in peace, King!

  5. Told you Jimmy we are all prophets they got a talent for a reason Jimmy but was I looking like a prophet for good when fixing bikes for the government with all them people trying to make me look bad not like me see they look like prophet for bad nobody likes them Jimmy be

  6. the fact that he filmed all these marvel movies and still took the time to make his fans happy while he was sick, just shows how much of a selfless and amazing person he was. he was so awesome and strong. rest in peace Chadwick😞. you are so incredibly loved and missed, and you will never be forgotten 💜

  7. I wonder how these people feel right now. Knowing that they really got to show that man
    Love while we goin through it and they didn’t know. He def left this world knowing alot the community had extra love for him

  8. He wasn't the king of Black people he was the king of Wukanda. That being said ..I really liked his performance and think the move was really well made albeit for the few woke ass lines in it. Keep it together Marvel!! Don't sway!

  9. Watching this now and for the thousand times over I will just breaks my heart and how much of a great person he was are no matter what struggle he was going through he always put others first. Just look at how much joy he gives the fans how much love they give him 😢 rest in power my king
    Chadwick forever!


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