CES 2018: First look at futuristic Byton smart car – BBC News

Byton has revealed an electric vehicle that it thinks presents a glimpse at the future of how we will drive and interact with cars.
It was formally unveiled at the start of the CES tech show in Las Vegas.
But ahead of the launch, the BBC’s North America technology reporter Dave Lee was given an exclusive first look.

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Comment (154)

  1. Byton looks very poised to take on Tesla Motors. The transition from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles will be grand. We live in interesting times within the auto industry.

  2. Brilliant car, RUBBISH name!
    'BOW' (Bytes On Wheels) would've been better. Archery; swift, skillful, enigmatic, based on precision, dexterity even a kind of esoteric mystery…
    But 'Byton'?

    Byton this! Your promotions dept. were lazy and overpaid.

  3. That's why electric cars NOW don't make sense. If I have a petrol car I can stop to any gas station and refill the tank with a standardized pump. If I have an electric car, now I must stop only to certain e-station. It is obviously a dicincentive for new comers. And it is funny: the grid is everywhere but the technology to refill is selective.

  4. ump has the right not to testify against himself. So Mueller will have to look for other testimonies for his fake investigations.
    Trump allowed to supply weapons to Ukraine. Obama forbade it. Obama was influenced by Merkel. Merkel under the influence of Schroeder. Shreder is the director of the Northern Stream of the Kremlin.

  5. Ok so much for a Bitcoin billions for Apple car 🚙 Where is super affordable
    Multi-purpose utility electric car with big 4 wheels drive and low price! Strip out all that junk, give us something working people can afford!

  6. It infuriates me that all they can of is making a super snob power guzzling car. How much battery is taken running the air conditioning the heating and all that ridiculous glossware?

  7. People have not really though out what self driving cars will do to the road network. Imagine you are in a rush and every car in front of you is behaving like an 'L' driver, day or night, fair weather or foul, these cars will be like rolling roadblocks. Consider that 95% of drivers will speed at some point every trip, in fact you don't need to speed, say you want to make up time by accelerating to the limit and taking corners faster, guess what, you wont be able to because there's a 'smart' car blocking you.
    And if you are the owner of one….. don't ever be in a rush.

  8. interior is fine but all they had to damn do is make it look normal like a discovery or German saloon and people would buy it but instead we get this……..

  9. Tesla, Byton or any electric car will make you a winner. I'm glad that Elon Musk likes the idea of sharing, because he believes in his cause not profit.
    But please make sure that the driver can override all automatic functions if he/she chooses to. You don't want the car to control the driver.

  10. No smart car needed here. Can't we just have a car without the lazy silly tech, my ear can't contain the about of beebing just to reverse my car. FYI how do I valet dis car clown daah…I use to be able to parallel park but hurray came backup assist, more everyone becomes a moron when they get into a old car without those sensors

  11. why are "superchargers" the 'stumbling block'? There is already a network of thousands upon thousands of chargers using the standardised charge plugs that Byton can use.

  12. I believe that electric automotive industry focus on independent citizens in manufacturing then company or corporation ! What about GARABGE TRUCKS, U Haul Trucks, Utilities Trucks, or Police Paddle Wagons! Why independent citizens market instead of Federal or Corporate *

  13. It only makes sense that all charging stations should be shared. More and more companies coming up with electric cars. Eventually gasoline cars going to phase out and possibly most gas stations will convert to charging stations. And this means more businesses for them. They can add some attractions and restaurants to the fold and that would help people pass time while they are charging their cars.

  14. To all the people going on about how they love driving & how adoption will be slow because everyone is just like you, etc…

    1. Most people live in cities.
    2. Driving in cities is a terrible experience.
    3. If I'm a business, I can't wait to fire all of my drivers & keep the money that I've been paying them.

  15. lol what with all this Bayton, FF, Lucid Motor, Neo always have a goal of taking on Tesla and be the next of it? Also it seems that they have forgot that China has ton of established electric car companies like BYD for example that not just only talked about Electric Car but actually already producing it in large numbers while this start up just all talking and advertising without real product.

  16. Who the hell on earth want to buy a car engineered in US or EU ? Unreliable, overpriced fancy garbage which runs right up to the first Friday, after the warranty expires.

  17. Man that's one ugly car. The huge screen looks ridiculous, laggy, and looks like it would hinder outside visibility. The body has no style and no sexy lines. Looks like one of those Tonka toys where everything is oversized. This will not compete with Tesla.

  18. nice car but I will probably use only to drive only in the city but never long distances in case something happens with its computer. Nice car to go with your mate to dinner, parties, and events, and I will have my regular gas car for work and drive long distances

  19. But when are we going to see them on the Market. There are many designs like Lucid Air, Byton, Ion and many more but nobody knows when we can really buy a one. So for the moment its all Tesla.

  20. It is wrong..Byton car is belong to china..It is fully designed by china Byton co-orperation.. Not BMW & Apple engineers..It is look like now USA going to say ownership for china products..lol..


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