CES 2016: BMW shows off gesture-controlled concept car – BBC News

BMW is showing off a concept car at CES that lets its occupants use hand gestures to control its entertainment system and heating, and even send commands to their smart home kit from afar.
The idea is to let the owners have a more relaxed experienced when the vehicle is in self-drive mode.
The automaker’s head of user experience Holger Kampf showed the BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones how it works.

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  1. He was very careful not to say anything bad about fossil fuel cars, but he just couldn't help himself to tell the truth. I read big percentage as something like 90%, because that will be the natural course of the industry, get used to it.

  2. for these kind of models full market possibilities were only possible in areas with lots of electricity, as these things need charging stations at equal distances and an full graph supporting to creativities, and company have to make models = all segments in markets. only one creativity will stay uninterested by vehicle lover's.


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