CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Tiffany R.: How I Quit Smoking

Tiffany had a strong, emotional reason to quit smoking: at age 16, she lost her mother to lung cancer. She knew that certain situations, such as restroom breaks and car trips would present temptations, so she planned her quit strategy carefully. She used nicotine patches, walking, and check-ins with friends. In this video from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Tiffany talks about how the changes she made helped her successfully quit smoking for good.

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  1. I tried the patch and it didn't work for me. I still had the urge to smoke. Mostly it was to keep my hands busy and going through the ritual of smoking. Only when I made my mind up to quit, suffering through withdrawals and cravings, I did. I've been smoke-free since August 2006. It wasn't easy but it can be done.

  2. A gave up 56 days ago…. my trigger was my coffee machine, I knew if I made a coffee I would want a cigarette.. so I gave it away even though it was 200 pounds ha ha I didn't care it was worth it knowing there was no triggers in the house

  3. Ms. Tiffany your so so in and out. Your husband is a blessed man. I love your vibe. This is so important for smokers to see.
    Watching this i really feel like i can do this!! 💪🙏 i have a very important reason to. I promised God i would quit years ago if he took a pain away from me…was in my stomach..He took it away and as soon as i was walking out the hospital..i lit up. Smh. I smoke a lot too. My health is good..but i want to quit. For so many reasons..but mostly my promise. This helps a lot. Thank you so much🙏 Jesus Christ is Lord.

  4. Thank God that many of you looking at this video would like to quit smoking but where's the game if you quit smoking cigarettes but lose your soul i've smoked cigarettes weed and drink alcohol for many years it had a heavy effect on my family I began to even choose my addiction over the needs of my family I felt like I need it cigarettes weed and alcohol to live my addiction began to hurt the people around I tried everything to stop I feared that it was getting close to separating me and my family no matter what I tried I couldn't stop I began to stop asking God to let me cut back from drinking but to take away the want to do any of the things I was addicted to I began to seek Jesus not on my own terms but from my understanding of God's terms from what was revealed to me and prayer and reading the Holy Bible slowly every single desire of all of my addictions went away put your faith in Jesus Christ he died for your sins repent repent means to turn from sin and follow him follow him by living as he lived and doing as he did forgive others and be forgiven may love peace and forgiveness spread to you all Jesus has set me Free from many he still works with me to this day God is real seek him and he will reveal himself to God bless you all in Jesus name

  5. Jolly ranchers, I had a bad smoking problem probably like 2 packs a day. I still had problems that I went to juul and ecig but I got pregnant. So I didn’t want any chances with nicotine for the baby.

  6. I started smoking about 1 year ago, when I was 16 (young, I know. I’m very ashamed.) and I’ve been wanting to quit for most of that time. When I first started, I smoked 1 to 2 a day, then 3 a day, then 3 to 4, and then 4 to 6. Three months ago I cut down by 2 cigarettes making the past 3 months usually smoking 4 cigarettes a day. Now, for the past 4 days I have cut down smoking by half and have only been smoking 2 a day. I do vape towards the end of the day to cut cravings but the main thing that’s helped is One, not being old enough to smoke in the first place. Two, I’m too busy working at a barn with my gf during the day now. Three, I bought a pack that I hate the taste of, and four, the past week have been pretty stress free after a few months of some anxiety inducing and stressful family issues. Those four changes have made it harder to smoke, making it easier to quit. I typically get stressed and I have an anxiety disorder and smoking helps with those but the long term affects it has on the body and the shame I feel is far too immense to ignore. I plan on continuing gradually quitting until I don’t depend on nicotine to relieve stress and before the urge to smoke gets really out of hand. Good luck to everyone else who’s quitting or desires to quit!!

  7. regardless what you use Patch’s, inhaler, Gum you’ll always have cravings there is no miracle thing to make you stop smoking they just aid it to quit smoking you have to WANT TO GIVE UP when you want to all the above mentioned are very helpful but don’t assume putting a patch on your arm will make you stop it won’t you have to want to stop

  8. My name is Firo 5days already since i stop smoking.i face the hard way to stop..(everytime i drink alcohol or stress i smoke alot of cigarettes but now i drink beer ans i have stress but i did not smoke) i fight so hard to dont smoke till now i did not smoke..
    Sorry to my English.

  9. I only came here to see how people's comments but trust me, the more I got closer to God the more I got strengthen! I don't even remember how I stopped! find a church, pray and don't underestimate yourself! thanks!

  10. I havent vaped for 2 days now after vaping everyday for the past 3 years. The cravings are crazy but I think I might be able to power through🤞watching vids like this seem to help me for some reason. Good luck to anyone else doing the same 🙏🤞


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