CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie H.: “Terrie, What Are You Doing?”

Terrie smoked her first cigarette at 13. In 2000, she found a sore in her mouth that was diagnosed as oral cancer. Later she found out she had throat cancer. In this video from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Terrie talks about getting home from the hospital after having surgery and her first realization that she had to quit smoking. She picked up a cigarette, put it in her mouth, and “for the first time, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I thought, ‘Terrie, what are you doing?'”

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  1. Terrie, you didn't know what you wee getting yourself into, but now knowing what can happen to people, it just made me cry and cry. When I saw a comment saying "R.I.P Terrie" I cried and prayed that you were still here, but sadly that could no longer physically be real. I tried to deny it in my mind but I saw you in my mind saying "Its okay.". I know that you're still here. I have been moved and want to stop people from smoking more than ever. You put your word out there, now its our own to pass along.

  2. I quit on Tuesday 5th 2018 I woke up sick and tired of not being able to breath , stinking , always worried about were I was going to get my next smoke break .
    What really opened my eyes was helping a friend move last month I could hardly breath . We went on a trip to Hawaii last month as well . We had a layover in Sacramento I had to smoke so we went out past security and then tried to get back through and we’re stuck ! They wouldn’t let us back in because our tickets didn’t say Sacramento to Maui they said Seattle to Maui . We got lucky and got a very nice lady to reprint out tickets and got through security with only minutes to spare . All because of smoking we could have lost our trip to Maui . That’s nothing compared to what this poor woman is going through now I quit cold turkey on Tuesday I use the gum to help and it’s working! Please quit now !

  3. Terrie you are a beautiful woman and I could see the fear in yours eyes. Rip terrie. You were regretting what you did but it was too late to stop.

  4. Used to smoke i was never addicted it was just for the head rush then i stopped cause it was affecting my lungs making it harder to do my cardio/workout/etc thank god i stopped

  5. it's so unfair that some people can smoke for 50-60 years, and die of old age a natural death..while some very unlucky people can get such horrible illnesses early in life causing unspeakable suffering. looking at her you'd think she used to do crack or meth..when in reality her face and neck are literally burned from all the radiation, and surgeries.

  6. My mum and dad will never stop smoking. They smoke too much I reckon(especially my mum). She says “oh I’m gonna quit starting tomoz” but then she is back on smoking again. I never believe her nowadays and I don’t want my parents dying young. There is nothing I can do… I also hate the smell of it and my lil sis is constantly around cigarettes and I don’t want her to end up like them

  7. my brother is 18 and he is a smoker i try to get him to stop i knocked the ciggarette out of his mouth he just started punching me i try showing him this video i got my mom to quit
    but im just worried about my brother i want him to quit i sometimes cry and say i don't want you smoking bro you need to quit im very worried that he is gonna end up like her don't smoke if you do please quit 🙁

  8. Not guaranteed that cigarettes cause cancer why : I’m from Lebanon I live in Canada my neighbour in Lebanon lived 94years and he smoked 80 years when he was 14 , 8 years before his death he got brain stroke which made him handicap until death and he didn’t die with cancer 👉🏿 my grandfather smoked 27 years the old rolled tobacco without filterless , and he quit 30 years before his death with heart disease , my 2 cousins were non smoker never smoked the one was died with stomach cancer and other still with kidneys cancer … 16 years old passed away with cancer he was cousin too … cancer is unknown reasons

  9. I feel soo bad for her she was so sad… I'm sorry tarrie I feel so bad for you. I feel sorry for her family and there loss…

  10. tried a cigarette once, almost choked to death (not really). i just don't get how many people can be addicted to something that tastes and feels so nasty… rest in peace terrie 💔

  11. I’ve known smokers who quit. Keeping their sense of humor was difficult. This song and its lyrics can help —
    “Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette-
    Smoke, smoke, smoke yourself to death.
    Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate
    you just hate to make him wait,
    but your just gotta have another cigarette."
    Tex Williams smoke smoke music

  12. It started with those back in the day 6070 stupid advertisements for cigarettes. They would advertise about their products and why and say that things are not true like the throat cancer and stuff like that. Well 20 years later examine everyone who has died from cigarettes. A lot of them

  13. I used to smoke ( for about 5 years ) on and off.
    I got bronchitis constantly because of it. Videos like this made me quit!
    I hate cigarettes. I don’t like the smell anymore. It’s just gross. I can’t believe I ever stated in the first place.

  14. My mother always uses the same argument. "Nothing bad has happened to me and i've been smoking for over 20 years". Yeah, thing is, some things can be going on under the surface, some of them even down to the microscopic level, so just because you don't Feel immediate effects, that doesn't mean they aren't there.

  15. Im on 9th grade(15) when I started smoking on a regular basis, I used to smoke 1 cig a day when I was 15 but, then after several months it became 2, then 3… Now I'm 17 and I smoke 3-5 times a day I smoke before going to school and after, it's my daily habit, and stress reliever (i never smoked during Sundays) , when on a party I can smoke about a pack(15-20 cigs) I also used to drink once a week with peers, it hasn't affected my health lately, I'm still healthy plus the doctor said I had an outstanding vision of 20/13,…. Cigarettes is good for me, when I smoke I can think straight and I feel a sense of calmness, technically I'm not addicted to it I can stop whenever I feel to, i don't know, i feel cool when i smoke


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