CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Marlene K.’s Vision Loss

Marlene smoked and started losing her vision at age 56. In this emotional video from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, she talks about having macular degeneration and her fear of going blind.

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  1. My Grand Ma died from unhealthy diet. Probably the biscuits and sugar that did her in. She was smart enough to avoid drink and smoke. Eat healthy and exercise people.

  2. Age related disease has no connection to smoking. These socialists will do anything to attack tobacco and smokers. Another group in history used propaganda to vilify a segment of the population, and they were also socialists. They were called the Nazis.

  3. This is so sad. 😭 I learned something new today. Please be strong Marlene! 😱 On the bright side at least she did not lose her voice box and got a hole in her throat. If I were a smoker I'd rather have eye injection than having to lose my voice box. 😞 But as a non smoker I would want neither! I feel sorry for people like Marlene. No one deserves this. 😭

  4. Macular degeneration isn’t always caused by smoking , my whole family has macular degeneration and they are not smokers , it’s just something that has run in our family

  5. This scared me in many ways because i have a medium to high risk of going blind and I'm almost 18, and when she started talking about how she wanted to see the sun and the water again, it got to me especially since I'm a swimmer and I realized that when I'm older, I might not get to see those things anymore as well at some point. I feel so bad for her. God bless her.

  6. Tomorrow will be 7 years since my Dad passed away from end stage lung cancer. He smoked for 58 years…passed away at age 70. Hearing that my Dad died from smoking made an old friend of mine quit smoking right then and there. I'm a non smoker. I rely on his happiness, calm attitude, his awesome accomplishments, and that he is safe and painfree

  7. when I smoked my first cigarette, I did it to know what I would feel. I did like it at first from one hit but then I got sick after doing one whole. I didn't do anymore after that but I always think about it.

  8. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a big or small body or have a better tolerance than others, smoking will ravage your body in all sorts of ways.

  9. Can't handle a drama seat I'm taking to the doctor Phil show that's part of the factors to diabetes family history yaj in genetics or she could be a great actress put on a show of smoke and mirrors


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