CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Kristy G.: Fear of What Comes Next

Kristy is a 36-year-old truck driver from Tennessee. She smoked cigarettes to help pass time on the road. In this video from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Kristy explains what happened when she came home in pain after one trip. She was rushed to the hospital, struggling to breathe. She thought she was going to die; her lung had collapsed. After surgery and a long recovery, she vowed never to smoke again.

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  1. I don't smoke or have ever smoked, but thank God this wasn't one of those smoking-related commercials that uses gore and shock value to accomplish its message.

  2. This happened (collapsed lung) to me last week. YES it feel like you've been stabbed in the back. YES you breathe in split second inhale-exhale just to keep yourself alive on the way to the hospital. I had anesthetic putting tube in but not taking tube out and it was the absolute most pain I have ever felt. Pulling the sutures out was like someone twisting a knife in my side. Really wish I never smoked and don't want to know what will happen next

  3. That is too scary to bear when your doctor tells you that you have a collapsed lung.If I hear that when I'm 34,I'd be scared out of my mind.I wouldn't want to die that young.My lung would keep asking me,am I gonna be okay?!I'd reply back and say, I don't know that answer.


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