CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Geri M.: Living with Stage 4 COPD

Geri was on the move all day, every day, until COPD from smoking robbed her of breath. Because of her illness, Geri had to quit her job as a mail carrier at the age of 54. Now on oxygen 24/7, Geri tries to enjoy every day she can.

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  1. Since I was very little, I’ve been watching this happen to my family members. Slowly and gradually. I know it’s killing them.
    And all I can do is watch as they deteriorate before my eyes.
    It’s horrifying.
    I’m 19. From a young person who loves their older relatives – please don’t do this to your kids.

  2. My hubby is dying , he’s only 43 ! He’s had copd for many years , heavy cannabis user. It’s so hard to watch , he’s getting
    Acidic blood , I know as he is starting to get confused and is unable to breath much. I’m scared . Love to all.

  3. I just lost my 62 year old beautiful sister to copd, I told her before I went to bed for the knight, if you need me call me ,see I sleep with my cell phone by my side every night, I found her in the bathroom floor barely breathing, I called rescue and she passed away, and with her a piece of me now im alone, please quit smoking please, do it for you and the people who love you ,she past away in December, and Christmas will never be the same for me,I love my sister Lili so much

  4. Omg im praying mother died in 2017 from stage 4 copd shes couldnt do nothing i felt so bad and to see her shes remind me so much of my mother 😥 … And my granny died from copd also my mothers mom … SO IM TRYING TO STOP SMOKING BUT ITS SO HARD BUT IM GONE MAKE MY KIDS HAPPY TO PUT DOWN THE CIGARETTE🙏🙏🙌🙌🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

  5. These “sexy smoker girls” wind up like this. Watch some of the YouTube smoking fetish “power smoking,“ girls. How will they wind up?

  6. My grandma lived in Michigan as well and she had Stage 4 COPD as well from smoking. She died at age 63 in 2018 as a result of it. She also had to use an oxygen tank just like this lady. Seeing all these commercials and knowing my grandma died from it really prevents me from ever starting.

  7. My grandfather has emphysema from smoking for nearly 50 years. Luckily, he quit nearly 18 years ago. If he hadn’t, I doubt he’d be with us today (he’ll be 84 at the end of this month). Unfortunately, he has difficulty breathing when walking or exerting himself and makes a wheezing sound when he inhales sometimes, due to scar tissue on his lungs. Luckily, he doesn’t require oxygen, although he does keep a tank at home.

  8. This is so scary and horrible to watch. I like to smoke because I get bored. I stopped smoking for two months after I had surgery, now I've started back. I also like to smoke when I'm taking a number two. That's when I really love smoke.

  9. This is the most ridiculous commercial I have ever seen 1. Acting so depressed I have copd and lung cancer I am going to be happy not sitting there depressed like and feeling sorry for herself 2.she says call and text her kids my be the last time that just pees me off she is sick it should be her kids call and texts HER 3. Expressing making holiday meal a month early really. They need to make a commercial people can relate and pick up spirits not this bull they are trying to feed people

  10. I lost my mama at stage 4 COPD Nov 1st 2018 it was horrible to watch her struggle to breathe I watched her pass from this horrible disease she had quit smoking for 5 years but it was too late the damage was done I cared for my Mama until her last breathe 😭 RIP Mama 💜

  11. I thank the Lord that i didnt pick up that habit i smoked about 4 cigarettes in my whole life 3 in 1980 and one in 1993 it wasnt for me i never went back to it thank God, i lost my pops to lung cancer from smoking in 1989 he had been smoking for 50 years, its not a smart thing to do, now that i turn my life back over to the Lord since 2010 Jesus is all i need.

  12. My father was a smoker for forty years. He started when he was a teenager in high school in the early 1950s, and continued to smoke about a pack a day until he quit in 1995. For years he thought "You know? 1 smoked for forty years, and I got away with it !" No. No he didn't. In 2014, nineteen years after he had quit smoking, he started noticing that he was having trouble with wheezing and feeling like he was out of breath a lot. He was diagnosed with early stage COPD. For the first year, he was able to get by with simply using rescue inhalers once in a while, but by late 2015 he needed supplemental oxygen. At first, he could get by on the lowest tank setting of 1 liter per minute, but as time went on he needed an Oxygen concentrator at home and he needed more and more oxygen. Last year (2020) he was up to the oxygen concentrator's highest setting of 5 liters per minute, even while just sitting down. By this time I had moved in with him to take care of him. Sometimes he would be gasping for air, and he would ask me "Son, is the machine on? I just can't get enough air" In December my father got COVID-19, and his condition worsened, our hearts melted every moment as we watched him gasp for breath,we were sure he would die any moment, by the time I started reading YouTube comments,I stumbled upon a comment that said there is an old Chinese man that cures this ailment ,I quickly contacted him and ordered the herbs with my father's money because he wouldn't need it anymore cos he would die any moment,I received the herbs in two days and from that moment he used the herbs, he began to feel better and better, few weeks later, he was completely cured, I thank you for reading this story about my father's experience with COPD. If you know someone who is a smoker, and you love them, please encourage them to quit. We love Daddy.all thanks to Dr Shen weng.if you have this ailment, email me on and I will send you Dr Shen's contact details


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