CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Denise H.: I’m Just Scared Now

Denise has been taking care of her husband, Brian H., for almost 30 years. Brian has COPD, lung cancer, and heart disease from smoking. Denise says the thought of losing her best friend scares her more than anything.

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  1. It wasn't that long ago when every hospital had ashtrays in every room except pediatric and even the cardiologist came into the room with a cigarette between his lips.

  2. God bless you!! Our prayers are with you both. Everyone is worried about the coronavirus, yet heart disease kills 500k people a year. Besides smoking many people eat fried chicken between two donuts. Rich

  3. I'm just thinking COVID-19. I'm scared to loose my wife. I don't want her to get sick. I love my wife beyond all the galaxies and beyond all the stars. She's the only star in this universe that keep my heart warm and glowing. I love you sweetheart. Stay strong through this moment in our life where we need each other the most. I'm praying for you my love. She's in Indonesia and I'm here in United States of America. I miss her so much. 🙏🏻❤️

  4. Very sad! I wish family members ,THINK about how stressful it is to their family members, when they continue to smoke and fill their lungs with TOXINS and the tremendous amount of stress it causes their caregivers! And you just don't know with life nowadays. I'm sure with COPD, it can be somewhat controlled. But now with the Corona virus and the hospitals overwhelmed, it will be very difficult to receive care, with hospital beds and equipment being used for patients with Corona that need the care. Sorry! Smoking is a CHOICE, Corona isn't!! So those that have health issues due to smoking, should be worried about what can happen if they need medical care! I HOPE this is a "wake up call" to all that smoke and that they make the decision to quit!! NO EXCUSES!! Just quit, if you want to live longer to be with your family and enjoy your life.

  5. Seriously guys… There's a new strain of the flu/cold every year during the same time this coronavirus has been active. Same amount of people getting sick, same death age spectrums, less deaths caused by this virus. It's just another mutation of some other virus. It's not as big a deal as you and the media are portraying it to be. Must have been getting low on funds and got paid off, lots of companies making billions of dollars throughout this ordeal…

  6. The VA didn't do shit for my Uncle or cousin. These people are evil.
    My cuz was 10th Mountain in 1992 Somalia had a rocket grenade blow up in his Humvee. No help whatsoever. My Uncle was in the Nevada Tests Operation Plumbbob. Didn't help either of them.

  7. This is so sad. I feel so sorry for the wife. My brother-in-law had a heart attack from smoking. He was in a wheel chair but still smoked. Always in denial. Half a yr later, he suffered a stroke and was half paralyzed. That was when he finally quit due to the inability to smoke. I remember it was really hard on my sister. She became his caregiver round the clock. A year later he passed away.
    Smoking is not a joke people. It's the most addictive thing in this universe. Its selfish and hurts all your loved ones. Think about them and quit. If you are young, dont ever start.

  8. I’m 66 and I have smoked for over 40 years. I recently quit 3 months ago. I just stopped (cold turkey), I’m not experiencing any severe craving but I noticed I’m a little cranky. I would like someone to tell me when you begin to feel better and less irritable. I’ve never had health issues from smoking and never felt bad because of smoking. But I do not feel great now after quitting like they say you are supposed too. I’m wondering if it is really worth the effort at my age. I only stopped because of the cost.

  9. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry for all your suffering. The video is helping my 8-year-old twins understand that smoking is bad and only leads to health problems.

  10. Well my Father has stage 4 lung cancer caused by smoking and my Step-mom is a nurse and retired and she is his care taker now as well. But she still smokes and when I went to visit for a month it did make me sad and mad. He has to sleep in the living room and that’s where she sleeps to. My dad got to retire for 3-4 years then cancer came. Smoking is the stupidest thing a person can do.

  11. I'm 45. Tuesday the 7th was 1 month tobacco free after 25 years. I don't need a COPD diagnosis-it became apparent years ago. Right now it's damage control. All I can do is pray nothing went cancerous before I quit and that the tar clears after a decade. In the meantime, that toxic slime remains, coating everything.


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