CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Becky H.: It Goes With Me

Becky smoked and now has end-stage COPD. In this video from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers campaign, Becky talks about how her life has changed now that she needs continuous oxygen. Although she’s very grateful for the life-giving benefits of her oxygen tank, she explains that her life is very different than it was before she developed COPD.

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  1. this is a stark reminder of the consequences of smoking i live in the uk ,.i wish the schoolchildren 14/15 years old, i see smoking cigarettes after school,would realise what they are doing to themselves by smoking,and this could be them in years to come,if they persist in smoking.

  2. Go around any VA hospital and in about 30 seconds you'll find a 400 pound Vet hooked up to one of these machines outside in a wheelchair smoking. It's unbelievable. I love my Vets and I come from a long line of them but this is sad. The vets in my family actually brought this issue to my attention.

  3. i feel sorry for Becky ,it,s easy to begin ,but hard to stop it took me a long day my young son said ,dad you must not love me he said. why son? because if you do love me you would quit and you know i did. the power of love and will power.also Chantix it ready worked.good luck to all.

  4. Blessings to you….we need a cure….people must stop with complacency, we must speak is ridiculous for a millenniums old disease to still be here….they have cured most older diseases….this one makes way too much money for alot of people…'s got to stop….then a cure will happen….but we all must do what we can to see a cure….we can't just be stagnant….that'll keep us where we are…"here's to the crazy ones"……Come on….write or call a Senator or Congress member….a Presidential candidate……

  5. There is no cure for COPD/ emphysema…..because of GREED…but…it you overdose on opioids they will save you….and you think there are no cures? Think about it….we are catching on!!!

  6. i use to smoke for 12 years ago and I quit smoking I'm really feeling better and better everyday I smell good i can test the food different i breath Different and i make my family safe for been away from my smoke and im saving money i hope everybody think its the slow die .. i feel sorry for you becky we love you and we will pray for you 🙁

  7. My grandma died recently from smoking and she used an oxygen tank like Becky, and now my grandma's sister has to use an oxygen tank too because she is a heavy chain smoker like my grandma.

  8. What about the First Responders and the Miltary….they have lung diseases. Stop this stigma. Help cure these lung diseases. Time is of the essence. You have had millueums to cure these diseases. `NEVER FORGET

  9. Did anyone else notice that real regret in her eyes at 1.02-1.03. Heartbreaking. Thank you Becky for having the courage and kindness to do this to help others from not ending up in the same situation. I just can’t understand why anyone still smokes.

  10. i just quit AGAIN. how old were you when you got the copd and how old were you when you started to have to take the oxygen. and how old were you when you finally gave it up for good. i have been visiting my 95 year old father in europe a lot because he can no long visit me and everytime i go there, i am tempted to smoke because everyone there smokes. they smoke everywhere, everyone. but i have no time left


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