CBC News speaks to construction worker who flew Mexican flag from roof of Trump Tower in Vancouver

Diego Reyna hung the flag at Vancouver’s Trump Tower. He tells CBC News Vancouver: “”You are against an ethnic group that you are benefiting from.” To read more: http://www.cbc.ca/1.3518991

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Comment (518)

  1. This is one of the good Mexicans that went to USA as TRUMP say . That they don't send the Mexican like him he is 1 in 10.000 no hard feelings but TRUMP was right . Diego is the good few . Good job to show you is better than your paisano Mexicano and DON'T let no one use you for there political purposes. Goo for THE BEST

  2. If ppl have to sneak,hide and live n fear. That means something is wrong with that. When you succeed thing's the right way than ppl should not live their life being paranoid.

  3. Dump Trump 2018!!!
    Mexican American here 🖕🖕 Trump.
    Trump go back to Germany. We're your immagrant grandfather's came from and we're once immagrants dumb as.

  4. Irish, Italians, Chinese, Native Americans, German, Norwegians, English, Greek, Polish, Russian..etc, etc…and the only one that complains is you? Talk about the hand that'll feed you! You don't like it? Go back to mejico.

  5. Buen día amigo soy de Guatemala y vivo aquí en USA y de verdad. Te sacaste sin límite de puntos x subir la bandera mexicana en el edificio de Canadá te saluda Adán Méndez desde ATLANTA GEORGIA USÁ

  6. 🤔 A Mexican working in CANADA or of dual citizenship in CANADA is protesting an AMERICAN immigration issue in which he is not affected in any way shape or form 😂, please correct me if i am wrong but would this be a case of self glorification 😎? dude lives in CANADA 😂 you really have to go out of your way to be this sensitive and feel you must protest a political issue of another country which does not affect you at all! OKAY, PANCHO 😂 YOU GOT YOUR 15 MINUTES …..NOW WHAT?

  7. It doesn’t make sense to me how they wave there Mexican flags an always saying how great Mexico is then why there here if your in America you need to wave the America flag if don’t like it here go back to Mexico and stay there

  8. I’m a Mexican American bro I won’t fly a Mexican flag on another country I’ll respect we’re I live plus I love America I won’t have the same life if I was Mexico best thing you can do is respect the country and the president

  9. Trespass private property is not a criminal offence ? because if it is we are celebrating a criminal offender , it isnt the law equal for every one or the media just confuse as of what is the right way to act ny honest citizen

  10. Scammer fraud perpetrator impersonating city inspector braking and entering private property,realising information to other criminals how to brake the security of the building .( no charges)

  11. siempre vamos a sacar nuestra bandera y ponerla en lo alto en cualquier parte del mundo donde se encuentre un Méxicano, por que son nuestros colores es nuestro país a pesar de todo lo malo por lo que pásamos viva México viva su cultura su gente y toda nuestra comida

  12. Let us all be kind. Everyones dealing with something. Nice ,healing,encouraging words are better to hear.

    May Almighty Father God Jehovah Bless Us always through His Only Son Jesus Christ.🌿. Amen


  13. Not long that I heard about your channel I am very happy for your success. I'm just a regular guy like you said and this "gentleman" as you kindly put him has taken, started and the most incredible thing is that he still believes he is right. Wow!!! A Mexican on a Canada!!! Awesome work!

  14. Yes sir my respect were the ones that move a lot of the economy here in the United States we’re the ones who do jobs here that no one else wants to do my people more respect than that to me he was never my president I’m glad he’s out


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