CAULKED and LOADED, Windows Are Going In!

We finally get windows!!! And Jason gets his hands on an electric caulk gun. 😬 Life may never be the same.

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We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn. We been living #OffTheGrid and exploring the world for 10 years.
Our first six years of #travel were an epic road trip around North America.
Now we’re on a #sailing voyage about the world. Did we have any previous sailing experience, of course not!
Neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far-flung destinations, having wild #adventures and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.
We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.
And this is why we publish our lives on the world wide web. We share in hopes of inspiring you to find your adventure.

Timestamps if you like to Jump Around:

00:00 Chocolate Window Delivery (& Intro)
01:08 How to Install Windows on a Boat
03:31 Magical Caulk Gun
07:36 Slight Delay on the Curved Windows
10:44 Installing Hatches & Waxing the Hulls
11:55 Boat Tour of Chaos
13:01 Navigation Gear Install & More Projects To Do
15:48 Installing Portlights & Final Caulk Bead
20:15 Impossible Window Removal
21:43 Bottom Paint Repairs & Prep
22:22 Installing Curved Windows on a Boat
24:35 Rooftop Window Install
26:08 How Much Caulk?


#BoatLife #Catamaran #TravelVlog #DigitalNomad #LifeStyle #Sailboats

© Gone With the Wynns 2021

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Comment (423)

  1. A good alternative is DOW 795, that is what they use to fix the large tempered glass panels to buildings. The Fixtech 200 is good stuff but I couldn't find reliable pricing on it, but $19 per tube from a 4PL retailer (in USA). A case of 12 tubes of DOW 795 is $108, so $9 per tube. You can also get the large volume sausage tubes for $22, those are twice the volume as the regular tubes but you need the bigger gun to apply. The DOW 795 and the Fixtech 200 are essentially the same formula, a high grade pure industrial silicone that has excellent flexibility and elongation properties over time, absolutely critical for this application where thermal expansion & contraction is always extreme. Never try this job with silicone caulk from the big box stores! Your windows would leak in just a few weeks!

  2. Re: Window replacement. One would guess that the Wynns may now be the "go to" source for plastic window maintenance and replacement. A lot of lessons learned in the last few weeks.

  3. When the window fit after the adjustments you guys made I was pretty pumped and thinking sweet will be sailing again soon lol. Then the kiddo needed something and it was back to reality 😂. Glad to see all the hard work paying off for you two. Can’t wait till “we’re “ sailing again and on adventures

  4. Working in construction and as a mechanic/journeyman millwright for many of my younger years, I must say doing all this type of work "bare foot" is a first for me 😍
    Great job guys. BIG items off the list 👍

  5. Finally! Feel like you moved forward on this beast. Hard to believe all that "stuff" has a place to go on the boat. Dare I say, "light at the end of the tunnel" or is it just a train coming?!?!?!?!

  6. For 2 "relatively inexperienced" crafts' people you are remarkably clean……no gloves, borderline casual church clothes and minimal protective boat coverings. Look at Callum he embraces his work.

  7. At least no matter how hard it is you still laugh about it now I know how hard it is to replace windows on a boat keep up the good spirits like you're doing it'll eventually be over ⛵⛵⛵

  8. The hatch above the cockpit…. A fine wire pulled, should have given you a cut on the sealent. Should have been the easy way since it was a small strip ;and you could reach both, something to consider next time.

  9. Hug , i wish you had used the primer, or abraded the glueing surface with 120 grit first!. Its not a long turn fix. So sorry i could of sent you some instructions . I hope it lasts some time. The uv of the sun will degrade the glue on the windows , so by using the primer it masks the Uv . Look at the old window, or even at car windows, the black paint is the primer.

  10. Suggest using a hard edge to wipe off the excess. My best results are when using a ice cream stick. Make sure it sticks to all sides, then spray it down with 20% dish soap water, then use the ice cream stick.

  11. Great update! And here I am stressing over wall mounting a TV! $1500 /hr. I don’t get much work, but then I don’t have to! The windows look great. You’ll have to show us the floating trailer for all those tools. Stay safe!

  12. Nikki, I've been following the channel for a few years now, and even I get frustrated with those allergies! My wife has helped a LOT of people with their allergies using a combination of natural remedies, homoeopathy, and identifying and treating the underlying causes of these allergies. She might be able to help you with yours. She can't fix everyone of course, but she can usually make a difference at least. She's super busy, but I bet she'd be willing to test your hair if you sent her a sample.

  13. New Zealanders have a thing about gifting chocolate… It may be a way of saying, Sorry Bout That…

    $50k to change out a window pain ??? MAN !!! That would be a great business… I guarantee you would learn to love changing out windows for that price…

  14. This is a ridiculously difficult replacement, 3D all the way, expecting easy solutions to this window exchange is definitely above all involved pay grade, a better boat design would be the only practical solution in a limited tech environment. The reality is, rich people buy this boat so it has a time clock!

  15. From one Milwaukee drill owner to another, set it to 1 (little slide on the top that can be 1 or 2) when you are screwing, 2 is for drilling (very high revolutions/speed). You'll strip many less screws that way 🙂 I saw it on 2 when you were anchoring the window for shaping 😉

  16. Have you thought the windows might be straight and the boat is bent. 😂 use a hairdryer to mould the windows and they will flex before your very eyes. Great video any news about the sails. 🤞 cannot believe the amount of chocolate you both got 😂👍

  17. What a Sweet surprise.. an the windows look fab guys just amazing… You 2 are so inspiring… Thanks for sharing your lives with us I am grateful an value the lessons!! ✌🏻💗😊❣️

  18. It feels so good to see you guys finish some projects and get some “wins.” Your perseverance is paying dividends now. Can’t wait to see you guys splash and the next adventures!

  19. You are living our life! I am so relieved to see the mess, I thought we were the only ones. Jason's comment about " this is life on a boat with so many different projects going on at once" really resonated. I will cut my husband some slack on having tools and dust and stuff everywhere!!!! We are on a trawler but boat life is boat life no matter what the boat.

  20. I have been replacing the windows on my boat over the last few days. Finished yesterday and I can feel your pain! I actually bought some of the same silicone you are using and it was AUD$16.95. a tube here on the Gold Coast in Oz. Bit of an NZ tax there!

  21. Whatch out for NZ/Aussie sun. It's very bright and will burn you if you don't reapply sunscreen every 3-4 hours. Fun fact. The sun is actually closer to the earth during the southern hemisphere summer.

  22. I wore tank tops a lot when I was young but have been better about wearing t-shirts to protect my shoulders from sunburn for at least the past 10 years or so. The problem is that I found a mole on my shoulder near the end of this past summer that turned out to be a melanoma that was a stage 3 because it had also gotten to a lymph node. The doctor said that the cause is sunburn when we are young. They think they got all of my cancer but now I'm on immunotherapy for the next year to try to reduce the chances of a new cancer appearing. I still prefer wearing tank tops, but tend to really avoid them in the middle of the day unless I'm wearing something over them. I thought about this when I was watching you work, but more so when you said you had gotten a sunburn. Please be careful.

  23. Nikki your not the adverage girl your not scared to get your hands dirty a rare thing, jason is a lucky guy to have your the both of you are great together, do you think you guys will have kids?

  24. Looks amazing guys you have done an excellent job on your home it's will look like new …….can't wait to see you back on the water and projects finished …….it's been a learning curve and experience to watch the intensity it take to do the smallest things ……thanks for letting me come along …….love your channel ☆☆♡♡♡♡☆☆

  25. FYI, most contractors I've seen installling windows like yours (glass or plastic), they did not spread the caulk after applying it on the window (or the frame)….they just let the pressure of the window against the frame spread the caulk evenly so there weren't any chances of low spots or uneven caulk distrubution. Nice video, as usual. Thanks for posting.

  26. DEEP BREATHS!! One day soon, the projects will be complete and your home will be clean again and you can have more peace of mind! In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS on the window install!!!!! 😁


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