Cation & Anion: Coordination compound – 04 For Class 12th

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Comment (19)

  1. sir.. your teaching is superb.. no doubt in it.. but i have a question.. u asked to use bis/ tris when complex has di/tri present in it.. but in the naming of the neutral complex.. u wrote diammineDIchlorido .. sir here cant we use BIS instead of DI..?? 

  2. Dear sir, you really teach well. However , I have some questions they are as follows : In the second last example shouldn't it be Tetraaminiumnickle(II)? Secondly, as per what you said earlier sir, double 'm' is only used in ammonium right, then why have we used ammine here?

  3. m learning is only concerned with money…..They know that exam times are coming and students are in the need of these lectures and that's why m learning officials are taking the profit of this situtation by making these videos paid…..if you are in need of money then you can make these videos paid from next session also………use your mind that why  a student will watch your lectures by paying it now as hardly 15-18 days are left for exams…plz make it free for this session if you are concerned with student courier as well….


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