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Is BROOKLYN’S CHINATOWN The Most UNDERRATED? (Hidden Gems in Sunset Park)

We just wanted to cover food you haven’t seen in other videos! This just scratched the surface of BK’s Chinatown. Let us know where else we should go too! Check out the spots below! Xin Fa Bakery (Egg Tart) Tian Xia (Sichuan) 28 (Canto Roast Meats) Yumi Delicacies on Fort Hamilton (Fujianese) […]

줄서서 먹는 한국 길거리음식 몰아보기! / korean street food, people waiting in line!

00:00 강릉 김치말이삼겹 / cheese bacon kimchi roll 11:16 소시지 치즈 에그 토스트 / sausage cheese egg toast 16:25 줄서서 먹는 치즈 핫도그 / popular cheese hot dog 23:20 줄서서 먹는 육쪽마늘빵 / garlic bread popular in the market 29:12 줄서서 먹는 대왕떡갈비 / popular hamburger steak 37:13 햄 치즈 에그 토스트 / ham cheese […]

Morning Snowfall Walk in Stechelberg, Switzerland

Short morning snowfall walk form the village of Stechelberg in Switzerland. Cold morning Walk from Stechelberg. I didn’t actually plan to record or share this walk, but I loved the lighting so I decided to do it anyway. This snow walk was actually me getting ready to hike back to Lauterbrunnen. Instagram – My […]



I FELL and my leg HURTS | LIKYA YOLU 19

It’s my 19th day hiking the Lycian Way and I did not only talk to myself a lot but I also fell down (I fall down almost every day lol) but today my leg started to hurt really bad again. ➤ JOIN COMMUNITY:➤ INSTAGRAM:➤ FACEBOOK:➤ WEBSITE: ➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸➸I travel and make videos […]


Membership: Music: Artlist: (**2 months free if you use this link)Epidemic Sound: (**1 month free if you use this link ) Youtube Channel of @Harris Nisar – Life on Wheels Quad Lock Mount: Instagram: Dominance: the above link to get a 5% discount on all […]

生產紀錄:歡迎光臨這個世界!|39W 自然產催生|禾馨減痛分娩|豬豬隊友 Scott & Wendy

2021 年 11 月 17 日,歡迎你來到這個世界,親愛的 Cheyne! 🔔 加入我們,一起探險!環遊世界|YouTube|旅行日記|Facebook|即時動態|Instagram|自助攻略|WordPress|⚠️ 沒有經營優酷、土豆、BiliBili、西瓜視頻、小紅書,也未授權任何公司協助經營! 💌 寄信給我們:238990 樹林大同郵局第 38 號信箱和我們分享你的旅行、你的生活、你的任何大事小事 💼 合作邀約:[email protected] 🎵 Production Music by http://www.epidemicsound.com影片音樂我們使用 epidemic sounds 月付 15USD 所有音樂、音效都可以無限使用,透過這個連結註冊享一個月的免費試用期(我們也可以獲得1個月免費): 📷 我們的 360 相機Insta360 ONE X2: ONE R: ❤️ 贊助我們,做更多好影片: #豬豬隊友環遊世界 系列🌏 環遊世界全集:❓ 環遊世界 Q&A:🇮🇳 印度:🇵🇰 巴基斯坦:🇹🇯 塔吉克:🇰🇬 吉爾吉斯:🇰🇿 哈薩克:🇺🇿 烏茲別克:🇹🇲 土庫曼:🇮🇷 伊朗:🇦🇿 亞塞拜然:🇬🇪 喬治亞:🇦🇲 亞美尼亞:🇷🇺 俄羅斯:🇫🇮 芬蘭:🇪🇪 […]

العراق يدق ساعة الحسم.. تحذير خطير من انسحاب امريكا و هيمنة ايران | نشرة الثالثة

احتمال قوي بهيمنة مي*ليشيات ايران بعد انسحاب أمريكا من العراق وفي ملف كركوك الأمنيالبيشمركة تتمركز في منطقة لهيبان للتصدي للتهديداتتابعوا #قناة_التغيير عبر التردد التالي | نايل سات 12398-عمودي#العراق #ايران #امريكا #كركوك~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ موقع قناة التغيير الالكتروني –التغيير على الفيس بوكالتغيير على تويترالتغيير على انستجرامالقمر: نايل سات – تردد قناة التغيير: 12398 – […]

❤️ USA Education System ❤️ Telugu Vlogs ❤️

In this Telugu Vlogs From USA, I explained how the education system works in America, what are different schools like elementary, middle and highschool, school times, transportation, resources like laptops, books and smartboards, education, exams and food programs. I also explained about private, public and GT schools, how much it costs for local and foreign […]