Cat joins livestream of Canterbury Cathedral’s prayer

The moment when Tiger the cat drinks milk during a livestream of the Canterbury Cathedral’s morning prayers


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Comment (397)

  1. This is so hilarious! I love how smart but kind and gentler than dogs, the kitties are. Tiger actually SITS DOWN , like a human being would.. IN THE CHAIR first.
    He was deciding just to sit ON THE CHAIR.. lol when alas , we discover his inbuilt degree of high likeable polite intelligence on the cow's mother milk and How to drink it. Non-human Milk, a kitty delight! He had every chance to sit on the rev's lap but decided not to disturb him. The chair-sitting part to me is even more funny.

  2. Have to admit, it made me cringe. Can't stand animals eating from 'human' plates or jumping on kitchen counters. When I first met the hubs he would let his dog 'clean his plate off', I put a stop to that when we had our first child. Just nasty, although I'm also not a fan of other people touching food on my plate.

  3. 'All creatures that on Earth do dwell … 🎶'.
    Love these videos, the elegant, dulcet tones of the Dean and the gentility of the setting. Not religious but this is one of my new YT favourites; a cat up to mischief around a scriptural reading and a tea set.


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