Carnival’s Largest Cruise Ship Ever: How It Fits 6,000 People | WSJ

Cruise ships are getting larger and the activities on board more extreme. WSJ’s Scott McCartney visits a shipyard in Finland to see how the cruise operator Carnival is able to pack so much on a ship — including a rollercoaster — and still have it float.

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  1. Not gonna lie I’ve been on both and Royal might make everything look big and glamours but Carnival is way better. Better food and entertainment and more things to do and just more fun all around

  2. Your safety? Has nothing to do with Mardi Gras. You can live every moment or you can choose the alternative, complain from the comfort of your living room, it’s all good. As for me I’ll be on the Maiden Voyage from Copenhagen August 31st 2020 , Mardi Gras will be the first environmentally friendly LNG-powered cruise ship in North America and it is 33% larger than the newest & largest cruise ships on the Carnival fleet. Bon Voyage!,

  3. The cruise madness gets dumber and dumber every day for the dumb cruising public. The only people really enjoying the experience are of course the shareholders and the ship builders; certainly not the residents of many of the ports of call of these gigantic monstrosities. The stupid craze will come to a end all in good time, probably as a result of a catalyst of tragedy.

  4. Not sure why these new ships have to be so big, but they are beautiful. Such engineering is awesome. We like ships not carrying over 3000 passengers. I don't think these ships will ever make in the Charleston Harbor South Carolina

  5. Dont you guys know that Carnival cruise line's first ship was the MARDI GRAS? It is now sold for scrap metal

    I was a steel drummer on the Mardi Gras in 1974, the Carnivale in 1977 and the Festivale in 1984.

  6. Never understood the appeal of a cruise. You can do all that stuff at a resort instead of being cramped on a boat. Frankly if I was going to spend all that money I'd rather explore a country and experience another culture.

  7. Correction: it's a powered coaster… If it's not moved by gravity at one point then it's not a coaster. That's the bare ones requirement. It's basically a 2 person rider operated monorail. Think of go kart. Now fix it to a track. Is that a coaster? No.

  8. These are things that I think are entirely stupid on cruise ships: go-karts, roller coaster, bumper cars, sky diving simulator. Probably more things that I can't think of. Most if not all of these cost extra, are undoubtedly very expensive to implement, very expensive to maintain. And the costs are passed on to the consumer for these things that kids might find fun for a few minutes.

    I'm ok with pools, waterslides, and maybe even those Royal room on an arm where you can see things from way up high (although I'm ok without that too).

  9. Meyerwerft already built two sister ships on 2018 (AidaNova) and 2019 (Costa Smeralda) and there are quite a few complaints that the vessels are overcrowded on many voyages.

  10. What an awful idea. 6000 miserable customers and poorly trained, uninteresting, unmotivated employees. To think, chocolate pudding and tapioca desserts from the buffet using plastic plates. Want to go to the movies. You are competing with 6000 others. Better line up early.

    Want a better cruise, try Disney.


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