Carlos Alcaraz vs Frances Tiafoe First Meeting! | Barcelona 2021 Highlights

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Comment (131)

  1. I can guarantee you that the next time they both will play on clay tiafoe will stand no chance against Carlos Alcaraz that much he has improved over 2 years especially on clay where the Spanish players are so good at

  2. Tbh Alcaraz is much better player now…this was 1.5 year ago and still Tiafoe had problems to beat him. Apart of that Carlos is a bit better on hard court than clay it suits better his agressive style of play. Im my opinion Alcaraz should win today but anything can happen because Frances is doing an amazing Us Open and plays with home crowd, it will be an interesting match.

  3. I did not recognize Tiafoe is so good top level these days. Surprised when he won against Nadal, then another victory over Rublev. Then, I see Tiafoe in different way that he would be one of future top players after Golden era(Federer, Nadal, Djokovic).


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