Cares for What Matters: The New S-Class.

The new S-Class is more than just a car. It’s a partner that cares about your safety and comfort. Digital lights brighten up days and nights. Driving assistance packages guide your way. Find out more about the new S-Class:

And thanks to next-level comfort settings, this groundbreaking car not only cares about its passengers but also everyone around it.

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  1. Best thing is, appartently in Germany u can get fined for using a touchscreen while driving, because it's the same as using a mobile phone while driving. So please Mercedes, how do I operate this massiv Tesla copy touchscreen in Germany without getting fined?

  2. Would have liked to see the center display a bit more integrated into the dash but the overall interior is straight gorgeous..esp with that beige color. Again I would give this car 100% is it wasn't for that rear design, I absolutely have no idea what's the philosophy behind that design, it looks hideous. But Other the car is beautiful, and the tech ofcause but did we expect anything less from an S Class?

  3. i'm in love with that car,, that kind of love which is without hope,,but i'll still love you Mercedes ….till the last moment ,,, and no any other car or brand can make my eyes or heart stare or beats .

  4. Mersedes başarısı için tebrik eder şunu ifade etmek isterim özellik ve teknoloji olarak harikasınız gerçekten .fakat 2015 ten sonra ki G serisi hariç ..araçlarınız da nerdeyse hepsinde görünüm kesinlikle çok sevimsiz.!yakıştıramadım sizin gibi büyük firmaya benim şahsi fikrim bu ,araçlarınızı 2015 S serisi gibi dışı daha çekici E 212 w 2012 gibi daha güzel görüntü yapmasını isterdim umarım ilerde tekrar o görüntüsü insanı büyüleyen Araçlara dönersiniz

  5. beautiful from the outside, but ugly inside, spoil the tablets where are the traditional clocks, at least air conditioning buttons? Mercedes is going in the wrong direction today. The philosophy of the Mercedes Benz brand should be tradition and the craftsmanship of classic technology.

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  7. Previous generation was the really best in all class. This new generation just look so cheap… thank you mercedes i will keep my money and keep my current S class.

  8. Writing this as a big fan of the brand – the designer has to go, very quick. Enough of what he did in the recent years. This car looks like Audi now. Beautiful, classy, elegant, yet modern design ruined with ugly front headlights and tail lights. This illness spreaded from year 2015 across the whole range of Daimler models. Very very bad. 2014 e-class cabriolet and coupe have the best headlights (and c-class/e-class 2014-2015) – tail lights Mercedes EVER designed for any model. From there it was worse and worse and worse (with brick design and vertical fronts). First, brick like headlights in e-class 2016, then the rest of models, then… these squashed headlights in GLC and GLE… oh no… stop making this or more and more people will stop buying Mercedes cars. Tail lights are Audi now. CLS, c, e. All models looking the same and CLS ruined and shifted from modern muscular and sporty to car for women. Very disappointed what Mercedes is doing to the design of cars. Backpedal to 2015. Start again from that point. Stop ruining design of cars further. Replace the designer. He raelly has to go now and apologize first.

  9. I’m obsessed with this videos, the attention given to the details, the car is an absolute beast, even the music is awesome. Definitely will buy this car one day, it will be mine no matter what.

  10. Who told designers that old style flat tv displays are looking good in 2021?? No beezel genious. And dont't stuck it like you suspended it by a nail, integrate the displays into the dashboard. Display trends today are ridicilous.


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