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This is one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had! Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes may seem like an all-in-good-fun kind of game, but let me tell you, taking it into the real world is a whole different story. For this episode, I brought in The Game Grumps and Lasercorn from Smosh Games to learn the ins and outs of identifying and defusing bombs from members of the LA bomb squad. Then we suited up in real (and REALLY heavy) bomb armor to defuse actual bombs on our own and see who gets blown up first! It’s team Grumps vs. Team MatterCorn – who survives??

A HUGE thanks to the LA bomb squad for their service and bravery in this extremely dangerous profession and for sharing their expertise with us. Also, thank you to Lasercorn from Smosh Games and the Game Grumps for exploding onto the scene in this episode. You guys blow me away. …Get it??

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