Can BioTech Clean Up The $765 Billion Chemical Industry? | Business Of Climate Change | Forbes

The 21st century is bringing a revolution to the manufacturing of the chemicals manufacturers, farmers and other industries rely on every day. These methods range from genetically engineering microbes to make chemicals to literally creating fertilizer out of thin air.

All without the costly, dirty processes that defined this type of production in the 20th century.

There are many different companies working on making chemical manufacturing both more efficient and with less impact on the climate. We spoke to Houston-based Solugen, which is turning the leftovers from corn harvesting and turning it into a variety of different industrial chemicals.

Business of Climate Change explores the industries that are most implicated in climate change — and the companies working to fix that. Forbes’ Senior Science Editor discusses the promise of these solutions with industry experts, scientists and entrepreneurs.

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  1. more kicking the can down the road by the exact same industries that have destroyed our planet and endangered our health, all so they can avoid facing the music that our current systems that they are responsible for are irrevocably broken and careening us to the full collapse of our planet's ecosystem.


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