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  1. I love how Joey named all the babies and they all act like their months too. I love March the one that looks like red December my bday month. Joey is a great dad.

  2. Please don't get your candy called if she gets out that is her only defenses against other animals so please do not get her done my cat I got a cat from the pound and she got out of my house and she was killed by a pitbull because she wasn't because she was declawed please don't don't get her to clawed just get

  3. Please don't declaw Sakura!! It is very problematic and painful and will give Sakura stress, causing her to use her teeth to bite as a form of defense and stress relief as their claws help with stress.

  4. Ok at this point there not even puppies anymore and he might as well keep them 🙄 . He’s just using them as content . There old enough to be given away now Joey! Give them away so there owners can still experience them as puppies ! So selfish makes me upset.

  5. I’ve been following the puppies since they were born and it hurts to hear it’s gonna be the last few days, and it hurts to hear you weren’t keeping any. I understand why and you even explained it. In my opinion you should’ve kept Marchie or Karen Lynn because they were both your favorites since the beginning and Karen and your cat could rule the world together. But it cheers me up to hear two of the puppies will be living in the same house together! We will miss you joyful ones!

  6. my fav is march he is so cute and december i i i like all of the pups i there so cute ahhhhhhhh i wish i could have 3 of those pups but a already got 4 pups and there not clean they always pee poop but there still cute

  7. Hey Joey, I think you might have been joking but just in case you weren't, please don't get Sakura declawed. 🙁

    It's so painful and abusive to cats, my family adopted a cat from a shelter when I was young who was declawed (we didn't do it, her past owners did) and she had severe psychological issues because of it

  8. Hi again, Joey! I’m the vet tech who (a few vids ago) gave you the info. about how to introduce a new cat to Sakura Lynn. I’m hoping you were joking about declawing her. I understand you mentioned it jokingly in this vid but PLEASE never, never, never, never declaw a cat. It is an amputation. It is equivalent to you cutting the first digit of each finger and each toe off. Can you imagine the suffering? Declawing an animal is completely unnecessary for the animal’s well-being and it’s only a convenience for humans. It has been outlawed in many states… Finally!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Declawing is absolute animal cruelty and may permanently affect their health, walking and balance and it is an unbearably painful healing process for these poor animals and—God forbid—she gets outside…she cannot sufficiently protect herself. I don’t know your knowledge on this subject so I wanted to lovingly inform you. It is absolutely “accepted” animal abuse. You may know all I’ve written already but I had to share. I’ve cut all my cats’ nails for decades and they’re not sharp if you keep them properly trimmed. If you’re squeamish about trimming them yourself, just get her to the vet once or twice a month to trim them. Also, you can have the vet show you how to properly trim them so you don’t cut the “quick“ which is the vein in the nail and you will become an expert at it, I’m sure. I’ve always cut my cats’ nails by myself and all of my clients cats’ nails… Even the most squirmy cats can have their nails clipped if someone knows what they’re doing. Luckily, you have good friends so one of them can hold the kitty and you can cut the nails which makes it that much easier. You can do it, Joey! there are also wonderful YouTube videos informing you both about the horrors of declawing and how to properly cut the cat’s nails. Another piece of advice… Get several more scratchers and a cat tree. There are some really funky, modern, cool cat trees out there and that will help her shed the nail sheaths so the nails don’t get as sharp and long as quickly.

    I know it’s going to be rough saying goodbye to all these puppies but bless you for all the work you do for these poor homeless pregnant mamas and their babies. I’ve rescued animals myself with the mamas and the babies but it feels so great finding them loving homes even though I cry like a baby every time somebody leaves. I’ll rescue a pregnant mama again soon. Such a joyous thing to watch a mama and her babies whether it’s a cat or a dog or a lioness (haha)…it’s all fantastic.

    Love from New York.❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️

  9. Sakura so cute she was just trying to say bye to her fans she knows everybody out there loves her she's beautiful she's just trying to tell everybody about her day until everybody goodbye she doesn't care if she has to talk over people to get it done and I really hope he was joking about getting her nails removed because that's inhumane and mean

  10. Joey when does the dna kit results come back. It's so funny how moony got in the stuff and ate all the puppies treats. He's like if I can't have none the nobody can lol 😅

  11. for anyone wondering, here is joey's animal list:
    – Wolf (male husky, rescued from craigslist (?) as puppy)
    – Storm (male husky, white, adopted from a rescue as puppy, lives w Daniel)
    – Lark (female husky/german shepherd mix, adopted from a rescue as puppy (?), lives w Daniel)
    – Lark had babies! (accident at doggy daycare) seven of them (Red, Teal, Lavender, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue)
    – Moon (male husky, kept one of lark's babies-Teal)
    – Shadow (male husky, J&D tried to keep Lark's baby Red, but he ended up having aggressive tendencies due to littermate syndrome so he had to find a new home like the others)
    – Sakura (black female pregnant rescue cat) (kept her)
    – Sakura's kittens, the zodiac litter (Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)
    – Azula (female foster cat, was pregnant but lost the litter)
    – Hen (foster mama dog from junkyard)
    – 6 junkyard pups (Duck, Goose, Shark, Otter, Bear, Moose)
    – foster mama dog Roo
    – Roo's litter (Hare, Tiger, Bison, Panda, Raccoon, Monkey)
    – Daenerys (white foster mama kitty)
    – D's kitties, the Greek Goddess litter (Athena, Persephone, Aphrodite, Nemesis, Rhea)
    – took care (for a couple of days) of a mama duck and her 9 babies that wandered into his backyard and got stuck
    – May (husky foster mama husky)
    – May's babies, the Months litter (January, February, March, April, June, July, August, September, October, November, December)

    *the babies are usually adopted by other people (other than Moon) and then renamed!

  12. I think it's funny when you said Wolfe is the lowest on the totem pole. In actuality the lowest on the totem pole has the most respect and I think thought of very highly. I learned this a long time ago but never Google it, sooo it could be wrong but if not Wolfe is highly rated!! 💖

  13. Did I just order every Harry Potter toy at petsmart for my puppy??? Absolutely. Do I regret it??? Absolutely not. But is Joey a bad influence on me??? Absolutely yes. (Going to continue spending all of my money on my puppy😅😅😅)

  14. Please tell me you were joking about having Sakura declawed!!! Please do some research before you do! "Declawing" is not a real thing, they remove the first knuckle from each finger. It's cruel and painful. It's absolutely animal abuse and any vet willing to perform this "service" is not to be trusted to put the wellbeing of their patients before money.

  15. Aww I feel a little bad for Wolfie! I think maybe once the puppers are gone (big sad) you should do a Wolfie Day! And just spend all day with him doing whatever he loves the most!
    I'm amazed at how well behaved December was at the store! These puppies are so nice. All the people getting them are so lucky!
    Also, I know you were probably kidding, but for anyone else reading this…. please DO NOT declaw your cats! It's literal mutilation! You can clip the very tip of their claws and they don't get fuzzy about it if you start doing it at a young age and with lots of patience.. but declawing is literally like cutting the tip of your fingers off! Please don't ever declaw!
    PS: ppl getting the Karens, hit eachother up and name them all 3 after Mean Grils please LOL


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