Bushcraft trip – making woodshed – permanent a-frame camp series [part 2 – short version]

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  1. Hej jeg heder Daniel og er 13 år gamel og jeg bor på als og jeg kan godt lide dine videoer og jeg har et spørsmål hvor bor? Hvor køber du læder? Hvor har du den kniv fra? Og jeg kan også lide at være udenfor fordig jeg spiller ikk😊

  2. Hej Bertram. Helt personligt synes jeg det er spild af (din) tid at lave både en kort og en lang version. Du skal da bare nøjes med den lange version. Det er altid den fedeste alligevel… 🙂

  3. Another amazing video rune you should make a video with more wood carving would be great alive here in Brazil and I accompany you with a big hug for you and your whole family. 🇧🇷

  4. That is a nice sleeping system you are putting together, and the saw you have is nice and perfect for that job. I purchased a folding saw to put in my backpack, but grew up using a Buck Saw while living with my grandparents to chop firewood for the wood stove and heater in their home. That food is looking great and have to be so delicious too and I would love to have some of it.

  5. Question: What do you do against ticks. I see you crawling over the forestfloor constantly. When I do that, after a day in the forest, there will be at least 3 ticks on my body. I wear my trousers in my socks and wear gaiters, but still the ticks bite me.

  6. Wauv. I really like the quality of your videos, the depth, the colours, the sounds without all that talking…
    So good to se those old style tools used like you do.
    You could stay out there indefenitely, if any food was available ☺
    Glæder mig til næste afsnit ☺

  7. Already watched the long version but here I am watching the short haha, your channel and videos are just amazing my friend, keep up the excellent work, been waiting to see you back out bushcrafting, cheers and all the best to you.

  8. Love your skill set.
    I wonder most about food.
    You gather your own water, what about your food?
    Do you pack in all of your food?
    Thank you!

    Much love and adventure

  9. Hello, good to you, I just discovered your video, just a word that happiness of calm !! no blah, blah blah, no superfluous !! nothing but the silence of your work only, has a big advantage compared to the other .A when congratulations and thank you for being able to look at you in this superb harmony.

  10. I enjoy the non talking and the original tool making. Sometimes I can second-guess what you will do next. But not always. Very peaceful, serene. Use what nature gives you. Be a good steward. Bravo. Cheers.


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