Bushcraft / Survival Tool Belt – One Stick Fire – Leathercraft , Knife , Axe and More … – HD Video

Hello guys ! This is Nick from HF Survival School and today I want to show you my ‘Bush Belt” my piece of kit that I am proud of the most , because most of it is made by me. Thank you everyone for your support, for you likes , shares and kind comments which I love to respond to. You can view this video in Full HD 1080p
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Flint and Steel kits : www.flint-and-steel.com
Hatchet : http://amzn.to/2dYVGkb
Knife : http://amzn.to/2d0QydE
Water Bottle : http://amzn.to/2d0OYsb
Folding Saw : http://amzn.to/2dtbYj2

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Thank you all for watching !

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  1. excellent piece of kit ,save's time not having to open rucksack all the time ,after a previous video when you said that you would be reviewing your bushcraft belt ,that gave me the idea of using one myself so I do use one now and find them really useful thanks for the idea nick ,as always excellent video thanks for sharing😀

  2. Excellent video, thanks Nick! Enjoyed seeing your belt kit and the work you have put into creating it too.
    Nice job on the one stick fire BTW and best of luck with that competition too mate.
    Keep up the great work, ok. 🙂

  3. Say Heah, I have a very similar trio's to yours, Except one of my Bushcraft Hatchet's is a 17" Hultafors Bruks Agdor Hatchet and one of my knives I like using with it is either my Ratmandu or my Rodent 5, and I also use my Bacho Laplander, But my Fav. is my Wicked Tough Saw. Thanx for sharing. Job well done.

  4. Comprehensive kit and a nice way to carry it, tnx for sharing and have fun out there in the bush. 🙂 … ohw and btw. i rather like the more roughed up leather look, so don't beat yourself down about it, looks pretty nice.

  5. i have been a professional leather craftsman off and on for over 40 years and you have done outstanding for a beginner!!! you should be proud of your work!!! your forming of the saw and knife sheaths is great. keep up the good work.

  6. Kacco Ti Nick. Yeah that Husquarna sure [email protected]@ks alot like my 17" Hultafors Bruks Agdor Hatchet. Infact now Hultafors Bruks makes the Husquarna Axe. Infact I we're celebrating the making of a perm shelter. We'll it just needs a few things. I brought my Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Survival Knife which I permanently attached my Mora Kansbol to the sheath, The Kansbol is very Lite when we worked on the Shelter, I brought my Estwing Double Bit Hatchet that Starred that day. Military uses them as Breaching Tools but I brought it because it was a stormy day. That's why I also brought these knives. There's a couple of new Saw's in town. I got a new Agawa Canyon 21 Boreal Saw I got the Black on Yellow. It's similar to the Bob Drustrude Bow Saw where there isn't any nuts and bolts to loose, I like the Agawa alot better. I also got the Crazy Horse Scabbard which houses a extra Saw Blade. Then I got a real fast saw. And I mean this sucker is fast. It's like 1, 2, 3, and your through the wood. This one is a 10" curve saw also you can get the Scabbard and there's a place for a extra Saw Blade Infact you can have the saw in the open position when your building or something. I know there's still alot of warm weather around. But I'm already thinking about getting one of my Fav's Combo's. my Rodent 7 and my Rodent 3. Infact splitting down kindling I could use the Rodent 7 by stab and twist method. Spaciba Tovarish Mnoho Harasho. Spaciba Nickolii

  7. Nice video Nick. My kit is very similar to yours, the knife is a Saami puuko with stacked leather handle. Although I carry a ferrorod, my indispensable piece of fire kit is the flint & steel from the very same maker as yours. I’ve tried kits from USA, Netherlands, UK, Spain and others and, by far, Mikhail makes the best kits around. One of the rules I’ve established with my step son when we go out in the wilderness is that both of us must have our russian fire kits. Just to give you and example: last year we were in a meeting of the Bushcraft School, it was raining, and I brought a flint & steel kit from Belgium. I did not managed to ignite a fire… The main instructor laughed at me, tried…and did not manage to get a fire! Then we changed to the russian kit…and of course we managed to make a fire…and we gave the chance to a newby to try flint & steel for the very first time…and he managed to get a fire! That’s how good are Mikhail’s kits (I have 4 of those with leather pouches, 2 single strikers and a neck-knife that is also a striker) and my stepson has one of each.Stay well!


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