Bull Terrier Loves Having His Dads Home All Day | The Dodo

Bull terrier needs nonstop kisses from his dads 💞

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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Comment (1,295)

  1. it's not good to let him be dragged around because his fur is working like a mop you never know what kind of chemicals are on those floors that he's dragged over! I get it he enjoys it but he's like a child it's not good do you let a child stick his fingers in an electric outlet hehe

  2. Hilarious! Who needs a dust mop when Sparky's around?! He is a happy pooch, just as is our Gimli. Both of you young men remind us of our son & his spouse, Doug, complete w/hairstyle & beard! Be happy always. Much love.🌈🐶🥰

  3. What a total dude. 3 dudes living together an living their best life. I have 5 sausage dogs and 2 of them do the “lazy” thing too. They are OBSESSED with attention, especially from my 7 year old twins.


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