Building a Frozen Tundra Monster Mech | Wild Imaginary West

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After last week’s build, I was inspired to create another mech to add to my Wild West. I love building mechs.
The idea was a mobile watchtower or outpost that patrols the tundra.

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Balsa Wood
Foam Core
Super Glue
Hot Glue
Mod Podge
Anycubic UV Resin

Supplies and Equipment:
Fujifilm X-T4
Anycubic Photon Mono
X-Acto Z Series
Safety Glasses
Hand Drill/Pin Vice
Paint Brushes
Helping Hands
Hot Glue Gun
Utility Knife
Proxxon Hot Wire Table
Soldering Iron
Handheld Hot Wire

Paint List:
Citadel Contrast Wyldwood
Citadel Reikland Fleshshade
Citadel Nuln Oil
Vallejo Mahogany
Vallejo Dark Vermillion
Vallejo Gloss Black
Vallejo Medium Gray
Citadel Agrax Earthshade

Slow – Otno
Shady Business – Matt Stewart-Evans
Back Home – Turpak
Beauty in Motion – Dan Phillipson

Disclaimer: Some of the actions seen in my videos could cause bodily harm. I am not responsible for anything you do while attempting to recreate what you see me do.

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  1. You should make a smaller, little bit more agile, 2 legged mech called a “Rooster”, in my mind they’re meant for hunting small monsters. (And if you were wondering why I called it a “Rooster” is cause idk just yeah.)

  2. I like to think in this world that people realized that building large watch towers to look out for fires, monsters, and such would be too easy of a target and not worth the cost of repairs every time they are damaged or destroyed so instead people use these MOTs (Mobile Observation Towers) because of easier defense from small to medium sized monsters, mobility to various regions where regular watch towers would not be feasibly built, and if one is damaged/destroyed can be easily replaced.

  3. You could call it a Watcher Mech because it's high up in the air and it's on for legs so it's able to stand in one spot for a long amount of time. And you said you were inspired to build a watch tower

  4. Are there any plans to combine all the buildings into 1 long set piece or keep them as individual models? A road in front with some mechs/vehicles and various wild imaginary west bits and bobs scattered in alleys and pathways would look great.

  5. These mechs are used for long term monster hunting in extreme terrain, such as snow, heavy rain, swamps, and large mountains. Unlike other monster hunting vehicles, these act more like tree stands, allowing hunters to get a good view on a monster from a longer distance. Inside the main cabin, all of these mechs have a built in stove and radio, as well as a place to sleep, and store weapons/food. The crane on the back can attach to crates to lift supplies, but they are most notably used to attach to hunters, allowing them to do repairs on the mech without the need to stop.

  6. I could imagine one of those giant mechs having to head to head against some kind of monster, a giant beast slowly lumbering out of the forest or something. Gotta say you have made one awesome world bursting at the seams with potential. Didn't think I'd like a steampunk wild west but I changed my mind immediately.

  7. That's great snowy things are great you should do a rainy one next I find that clear glass varnish brushed with a tiny brush looks like rain ruining down things also you should look into 3d printing

  8. Love it! Your attention to detail is awesome. And I like the spacewestern world, but sooner or later it's time for some Galaxy Rangers to show up, I hope…
    No guts, no glory!

  9. If you’re trying to keep with the more ‘frontier’ style names, I’d advise calling this an E.L.K, maybe part of a larger naming system for stilt-legged mechs based off of deer/ungulates?

  10. What if they have a map of the west but it only updates once in a while and you cant directly see monsters with it but with that radio you can scan the area to see if any trees have been knocked down or any change in the terrain like that to indicate a monster nearby. Awesome build boylei

  11. I'm loving the western monster hunter series. I think since the miles are smaller and named after a beast of burden then the larger one should share the same trait. One larger beast of burden is a camel but that could be for a specific water carrier. I recommend this larger type be called Yaks.

  12. I think the next logical thing to survey the vast plaines would be some sort of steerable ballon or dirigible… maybe similar to that UFO sketch in the old newspaper article.
    Go for it!
    Later pal. Great work as usual.

  13. Having this house-on-a-mech seems like something a prospector would use to stake his claim, since it offers more shelter than a mule, while still allowing the prospector to travel quickly and race to good claims.
    If prospectors were one of the first groups to use this type or mech, maybe it could be called a claim jumper?

  14. I am consistently delighted by these WIW-verse builds, especially with how strong OSHA is in this universe. Of course anyone striding across a frozen tundra full of monsters needs to have proper work safety. No reason to add yet another thing that can kill you.

  15. I love this series. This was a gorgeous addition. If you wanted to keep the beast of burden theme for the mechs since you started with mules that could be cool, especially since you mentioned the mechs are slower than the horse drawn wagons. Maybe camels or bison for these big guys?

  16. I’m loving this theme more and more. It’s getting to be a more and more fascinating world. If you’ve got any inclination toward writing, or know someone to collaborate with, this could be the next big literary universe.
    Oh, and how about just calling the large 4-legged walkers Super Mules or Mega Mules?

  17. If you enjoyed building that mech, I'd suggest you gave a shot at building something from the game Iron Harvest. They have some really cool looking ones.

  18. little suggestion – a mech with a large spear for an arm to hunt water based monsters like maybe a fish monster or turtle monster similar to the alligator snapping turtle

  19. I think "wanderers" would be a good name. they can navigate terrain easier than mules (because their leg are longer) and are more stable than the two-legs, which makes them better for steep inclines or very rocky places. They would be used for reconnaissance or mapping of uncharted territory. They are not fast and, since they are so tall and their legs are so thin, they can't take a ton of weight in cargo.

  20. You should get in Touch with Real Terrain Hobbies and do something together. This would also Work well as a Kickstarter, at least I think it would. It's really unique and intriguing. For me as a person who loves Steampunk and Weird West as a Part of Fantasy, would this be a nice addition to my collection.

    I imagine this as a parallel Timeline for Horizon Zero Dawn. 🤔 On top, that would be a nice RPG Mod for Minecraft.


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