BTS Accepts the 2021 American Music Award for Artist of the Year – The American Music Awards

Watch BTS’s AMAs 2021 acceptance speech for Artist of the Year. Watch more highlights from ‘The 2021 American Music Awards’ and Stream Next Day on Hulu.

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  1. so incredibly proud of them… from a group that wasn’t that popular/known in south korea at first to the biggest group in the world, their story is amazing <3

  2. Lo ameeee, todos estaban como que Ahhh y yo estoy segura de que prepararon algo todos y me encantó, llorar no es digno de Ganadores así que Byeeee 😢😇💖

  3. From an under-appreciated & struggling group in Korea to biggest band in the world, watching them get this much-deserved award was like seeing them get their first daesang or award for INU all over again. Congratulations, Artist of the Year BTS! 💜

  4. I'm so proud and happy for them! I love that this represents them so well, being chaotic and elegant at the same time. Speaking English and Korean. They have come so far and it's been an honor to have witnessed their journey. Our universe, we purple you

  5. BTS!!! I'm very very very proud of how far you've come!!! Congratulations kings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your hardwork and for being BTS!

  6. Felicidades saludos desde España un premio más
    de la señora grammy se lo merecen an trabajado y an sufrido mucho como personas y artistas que,son solo les falta hablar y cantar una canción en español que también es un idioma bonito que tiene la vida las Armys seremos felices con una sola canción

  7. БТС….
    Семь ярких звездочек на музыкальном небосклоне …
    Такие яркие, всемирно популярные и любимые, скромные, такие искренние и простые, страстно проявлющие свою любовь к музыке, фанам
    Они тоже ошибаются, и им бывает больно, страшно, но они не стесняясь об этом нам говорят прямо и честно, не скрывая и не стыдясь своих слабостей и слез, а бывают как дети веселяться, шалят и не стесняются своего шумного веселья…такие разные и такие теплые….
    Я их нашла ….нашла тех в ком так много жизни и настоящего, ценного, теплого, которые постоянно вливают в меня и других столько тепла и радости, они как летний морской бриз, свежее дыхание, мотивация к творческому взлету, оживлению цвета, вкуса жизни, взгляда на окружающий мир….
    Они вдохновляют и дарят ощущение счастья….

    Думаю многим арми это знакомо

  8. 4 years ago at the 2017 AMAs, Yoongi cried in the shower because he was so scared of rising to the top to one day inevitably lose it all. On their V-Live broadcast after yesterday's show, he admitted he's no longer afraid and has learned to welcome any success that comes to them. Congrats BTS, this is still only the beginning.

  9. i love you bts
    vamos bts tu puedes estoy muy orgulloso de ustedes chicos son los mejores los adoro btssssss vamos sique asi con la ayuda de Dios lo podran lograr todo y tambien con el carilloo a la musica y por buenos artistas que son y eso que da muchaa alegria que bt este unidos los amo bts

  10. This really reminds me of their first BBMA for Best Pop Duo or Group. I knew from the moment the presenters of Top Social from the previous year came out, but I didn't dare believe. And I didn't dare believe this time. The sobs that came out of me from seeing their joy. They really are the lights of my life. They deserve all this and more. Thank you ARMY 💜

  11. Watching them there feels like- Yeahh!!! My best friends are receiving record breaking awards🔥,, having soo much fun😂😂,, being hell cute, adorable😍🤣💝….I wanna know everything that about they were laughing behind!!!🤧 Seriously!!!! I'm very proud of you and purple youuuuuu💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  12. when JK said new chapter other guys looked at each other! and than he sais "we want to focus on" and than Jin stoped him! I'm sure he wonted to spoiler us bout new album! LMFAO


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