Brolga bonds with baby kangaroos – Kangaroo Dundee: Episode 1 Preview – BBC Two

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Watch the BBC first on iPlayer 👉 More about this programme: Imitating a mother kangaroo, Brolga passes his saliva to joeys in his care, to hydrate and help bonding. He teaches the joeys everything their mothers would have taught them.

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  1. Great video post "Brolga bonds with baby kangaroos – Kangaroo Dundee: Episode 1 Preview – BBC Two". Of course except with the trading salvia part…I can see & understand why he is doing it; that's it's an important process in saving these young kangaroos & helping them to thrive and grow into healthy adults. This video is not censuring life but fully embracing it. Brolga is a humanitarian and has a great understanding of the kangaroo population in the wild. Kudos' for him, he deserves much respect!  

  2. I think what Brolga is doing is magnificent, he is taking time out of his days to give baby kangaroos a second chance at life. I live in Giddings Texas with my family on a small ranch and I live 15,025 kilometers from Australia, and I help sick and injured baby animals from small birds to small mammals to full grown horses, so Brolga and I we're not sure different we're both giving animals a second chance at live. But what he is doing I making a bigger impact than me #respect

  3. I am Australian,have lived here all my 67 years,only heard of Brolga on the radio today. In a land where our national animal is shot in thousands each day as kangaroos graze on the grass farmers want for their sheep and cattle, this man is a treasure, doing what he can to offset the cruelty of farming practices based on greed. Good on you Brolga. Australia needs more real men like you.


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