British Heart Foundation – Your guide to Angioplasty and Stents

Do you have an angioplasty coming up? Are you going to be fitted with a stent? Watch this video to find out what to expect.

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  1. Top video, explains it really well. My dad (84!) is having this done in the next few weeks, his right coronary artery is 90% blocked and we have high hopes that it will make a huge difference to his quality of life.

  2. I had mine 3 days ago- 3 stents. It was painful and I had chest pains during the procedure but thoroughly worth it. I had a heart attack and didn't know it the week before – total bloke thing, thought it was heart burn. The last time I went to the doctors he was smoking a pipe and there were posters of kids with rickets on the wall.
    I was fit, walked 6+ miles a day, ate my 5 a day and exercised but mine was hereditary. Would just like to say it is so important to go for check ups. I never went and it nearly cost me my like.
    My GP and all the staff at Swindon hospital were marvellous – really looked after me

  3. my gran is having this done at the end of the month and I am terrifyed I am worried more than she is can't stop thinking about it since its still four weeks away

  4. Hello, sunday at 11 AM i become angiography and at 6 pm they planted a stent in my RCA vessel and kept me tonight at hopspital. Tueday my doctor said interventional cardiologist has made mistake and the stent has been implanted is almost 1 cm short. stent has been 3.5*3.5 ORSIRO with inflation pressure of 18ATM. mentioned doctor signed the ressult sheet : successful PCI on RCA , but still my heart doctor assures the stent is short. would you please tell what would be best reaction when stent badly estimated and its length is short?

  5. Hello everyone, after the surgery, I have been told that I need to take medicines for lifelong which doesn’t match with what’s in the video(says months in the video). Any experts or people with same experience?
    Thanks 🙏

  6. I'm just 41 years old! I had my 2 arteries blocked so, I had 2 stents done. I still have chest tightning and discomfort after 5 days. Is it normal? Or I should seek some medical advice? Please someone reply. Thanks


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