Bringing Handmade Back to America

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Lotuff Leather creates handcrafted leather goods with their team of twenty two employees. One of their most complicated bags, the Triumph Briefcase, requires a multitude of skill sets to create; from leather working, to painting, to hand-stitching.

Video by Jordan Oplinger and Alan Jeffries

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Comment (549)

  1. The world has changed so much, that in the rat race of acquiring people has no time to think.For this reason China is taking advantage of dumping low quality cheap goods all over the world.Because of this attitude Many signature shops are closing,people are going to loose their skills witch they have acquire for generations.Sooner we realise the better for us.we must save our skilled people.China can never match the European quality. Todays child is tomorrow's adult ,they need job in the future , not everyone is going to have corporate jobs.

  2. Not that I can afford this at all, but I expected this bag to be significantly more expensive than it was. You're telling me that this 60 piece bag that takes up to a month and a half to make, with all these specifications for the leather and thread, is only 1200? This is a very very fair price.

  3. I LOVE stuff like this. Thank you for making something your proud to pass off to your customer. Your customer is proud to own it. We need more of this across the board. I feel our country is far to focused on the short term gain and stuff like this goes to the wayside because its not giving me the business owner/board/shareholders the most return. SO WHAT! The relentless pursuit of profits is BS! Enough is enough.

  4. America needs more brands like these. A company like this can keep jobs in the States, produce quality products to boost GDP, and turn the country's reputation back toward one of quality, excellence, and attention to detail.

  5. Just Beautiful! This video is very inspirational. Our brand has just started creating handbags and I’m learning all the steps your team has mastered. Thank you for the visual.

  6. what a bullshit romanticizing of old ways to do things!! without this big mouthed seller lady, none of this bullshit is possible. The bags are not better. They are just sold and created as unique for rich people to boast about!!

  7. Having someone put care into something for you is nice, especially if it's as a gift. However buying commercial goods with extra man hours is more like ego where you want to feel like you deserve people's long hours of work. I would much rather buy something high quality made by a machine than high quality and sweat over by a worker.

  8. 1.- No one needs a bachelor's degree to do manual labor, which ultimately means you're paying for their bachelor's degree and not for the actual product.
    2.- If you use machines of any kind, you can't claim the items are hand made.

  9. What I see here is small business ownership and capitalism at its best. Now I’d like to ask, how many of these young, educated artists voted the liberal agenda, wanting, no, demanding, socialism and for their student loans to evaporate? Keep voting for socialism, allowing Bernie and Liz and Nancy, etc. to be on the receiving end of wealth and the only one’s able to afford these lovely leather goods produced at this business.

  10. I love buying handmade, what gets to me is when people complain about the price of Handmade/Locally Made/Made in America products and they then complain when stores like Walmart close that sell Made in China products. If we as a society bought only Hand Made, Locally Made, or Made in America products our cities/towns economies would be more stable and the money would stay in the communities.

  11. I really like the glasses she was wearing at 0:22, could anyone tell me what they are so I can possible find them for myself!!! They look to me like just super awesome safety goggles! Let me know if you know what they are!

  12. Watches this after watching vids about ppl trying to track down a $14,000 hermes bag. The same level of craftsmanship and work goes into something like this so the price is totally justified I reckon. This is more individual as well which is a plus. Support artists, support sustainable fashion. This is great!

  13. "Bringing" it "back"? Lol, it never left! Problem is, thanks to this crap economy, the majority don't have the money to spend on luxuries. They have a hard enough time making ends meet to buy some leather bag that costs over $1000. Do you have any idea how much food that could buy, or how many tank fulls of fuel? The only people who buy this are the ones who have all that taken care of are the ones driving around in a Lexus. I'd love to see some average middle class two job family, driving around in a Honda or Chevy minivan, even dream about spending that much money on a fecken bag.

  14. People: we should make more things in America
    Also people: I don’t want to pay more for thing; it’s so ridiculous overpriced!

  15. Why does this cost 1000 dollars here but a master leather artisan from Vietnam can habe it done for 100 bucks, same bag same quality.
    See this is why I refuse to pay the "american made" premium, as if working with your hands here in America equals 7x price increase, yeah right..

  16. Shame they use machines to stitch and not hand saddle stitching. As a craftsman who hand stitches everything I feel it's cheating to use a machine on a bag with a price tag like that. Go find Peter Nitz on youtube, he's a true artisan and shows the difference in quality when you hand stitch.

  17. In other words, you get what you pay for. A hand crafted work of artisan quality, or poorly over produced Chinese crap. Me personally, I prefer purchasing something once, so I’ll support the artisan and quality over the convenience of temporary crap.

  18. Yay artists, handmade is more expensive but the quality of the work, the patience, the eye, expertise and craftsmanship are the investment for value. I make too, sometimes creating, making things right and finishing are as much a reward as money. Having pride in a job well done is a personal value people who are not makers admire and respect.

  19. America was once a gr8 provider for the working man and woman now most of the jobs are overseas, bc they can pay them 50 cents an hour where in this country ppl 25.00 hr for the same job?

  20. Anyone can make a Class looking bag But only an artisan can make a bag to last by choosing & using quality components and putting them together with care & quality control The difference between western quality made to last and Chinese land fill

  21. My husband and I were considering buying a Lotuff weekender bag each and this video convinced us! Thank you for sharing this incredible production process 🙂


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