Bring It On – Trailer

Kirsten Dunst stars as a cheerleading captain who discovers that her team’s routines were stolen from the squad across town, and scrambles to find a new routine for this year’s competition!

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  1. You are Democrats…Democrats, particularly Democratic congresspersons who clamor for impeachment at all costs are to politics that which cheerleaders are to dancing…"cheerleaders are like dancers gone retarted…" "Maybe, you should join a squad…" Oh, yes, the SQUAD…WHERE HAVE HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE! LOL! "I'LL TAKE FAMOUS LOSERS FOR TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, ALEX…"

  2. Cliff is such a punk poser. He s listening to ramons, cramps, sex pistols, the clash and when he wrote that cassete for the girl, he was singing skatepunk/pop punk… Like dude….

  3. You know what I always wondered? How did every character who saw both the Clovers and the Toros automatically know the Toros were the ones cheating? Because only black people are cool enough to make up good moves? The Clovers could just as easily have been copying the Toros routine.

  4. I'm seeing so many scenes that weren't on the final movie and I feel robbed. I know all movies have mass things that don't make it to the final edit but it would have been dope to see the journey through the Clover's eyes too!

  5. Speaking of cultural appropriation, how about blacks straightening their hair? Is that really an African thing? Because I sure as hell have never seen that. Why is that okay?

  6. For the cheerleading competition, they're all about not wanting to change the choreography that big red gave them before she graduated. Was that a new routine she came up with to use before she graduated? If so, when did they practice? During the summer? Or do they use the same routine for every cheerleading competition?

  7. I always hated that they cut out all the scenes of The Clovers at their school. And they didn’t include those scenes in the deleted scenes featured on the DVD. But this is still one of my all-time favorite trailers!

  8. Love this movie to death I can probably quote the entire thing word for word. But this trailer.. yikes. If this was the actual theatrical trailer this is bad

  9. To everyone complaining about the Clovers "deleted scenes" and how they can't find them anywhere.. they were never even actual scenes and they do not exist. When the studio's marketing team was putting together promotional material and making a trailer for the movie, they didn't have enough footage of The Clovers to include in the trailer. So the studio execs had the crew take Gabrielle Union and Blaque to a random high school in Southern California for one day and just shoot random footage of them hanging out/dancing/whatever, so they could shoot specific shots to include in the movie's trailer. Notice how in all the shots, they are wearing the same outfits. It's because they were shot quickly in a single day. Even when Gabrielle is saying in the trailer, "we've been saying we're the best…now it's time to put up, or shut up", that's actually a direct line she says in the movie in an entirely different scene at Nationals. So the "scenes" you see in the trailer that everyone thinks are deleted scenes…well, they aren't even real. That's why they aren't in any "deleted scenes" on the internet or included in the DVD. They don't exist. They're just snippets that the studio filmed for marketing/promotional purposes. It's just B-Roll. Sorry to disappoint all of you even more lol.

  10. Wow….so they pretty much left out the clovers own storyline of having fun & love interests 🥴typical. Just the bitter black girls huh

  11. I wanted to see the movie… but from the trailer alone I already know that they're going to lose, it wouldn't be cool if the black girls team didn't win

  12. I heard Kirsten Dunst is open to the idea of coming back for another Bring It On movie. But I think, perhaps, she ought to be a cheerleading coach since her character was a senior in high school and would eventually start college. So maybe she can work at a high school.
    And there needs to be another movie that is holiday themed, like maybe Christmas since there's going to be a new one that is horror-themed on Syfy.

  13. Who’s here after seeing Gab Union say on tik tok that after test audiences saw the movie they wanted more of the clovers so they purposely shot new scenes just for the trailer that were never for the movie? Crazy.

  14. I remember seeing this in the 6th grade, but I haven't watched it recently. Tho I can recall the movie didn't have some of these scenes with the Clovers. The trailer spins it like there's more screen time of the Clovers and their lives than what there really was in the movie

  15. I just watched Gabbie Unions tiktok where she talks about the test audience wanting more clovers. So after filming they added more clovers to the trailer to make us think the clovers were going to be in the movie more then they actually were.

  16. Now that Im rewatching this lol who the hell is that at 1:37 ? Certanitly not Shamari Fears/Devoe from Blaque yet shes seen moments later in the same hairstyle and outfit. they were so sloppy with those fake reshoots of the clovers.. chile.. their lucky youtube didnt exist in 99


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