BreatheLife for Healthy People & Planet

A music video to raise awareness about air pollution & health – from the concert in Geneva by Ricky Kej and his World Music Ensemble during the first WHO Conference on Air Pollution and Health.

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  1. Beautiful and meaningful video to wake us all up and realise what we are leaving for our children! Let the power of music and touch more decision makers who can make more of a difference. Good one Ricky!

  2. Very relevant theme, kudos to the production team and the songwriters.. US take note, act on climate change,its real. Rest of the world and UN needs to do more, put pressure on US and have it adhere to the accord signed earlier.

  3. Beautiful! Reminder to everyone that WE decide what we leave for our children. More than a monetary inheritance. A legacy. Be kind to mother earth. And to each other with this beautifully arranged, produced and sung song!! Love it!

  4. Having just returned from Delhi, I have never seen the air as bad is it was this time, I know first hand that India and Asia as a whole is suffering from no emissions control, and because they have no controls the entire planet suffers. We have to hurry if we want to make certain that our children and their children and that every living thing on this planet for that matter, will survive. Beautifully sung Lonnie! Thank you for all that you do with your gift to help others across the globe, you have made it your mission to spread the universal message of love! Thank you and we adore you!

  5. Wow ! Great subject, singing/playing and song ! The video and sound is exceptional. I'm just sorry that there are many people in this country (USA) that don't think that this is a valid issue worth talking about and in fact don't believe it to be real.

  6. BRAVO! Love the song and I love the cause you are all working for. Clean air for all to Breathe! We must leave our children with clean air! Love you all! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  7. Beautiful music message… we have a responsibility to raise awareness about this problem. Our children everywhere all deserve to BREATHE, at the very least. Thank you, Ricky Kej and team!

  8. Why there are very few thumbs ups and comments for this eye opening theme.,while there are uncountable thumbs ups and subscribers for the sexy videos like vengaboy.
    Admiration should not have partiality.


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