Breaking Down What’s Next For The Jan. 6 Investigation

Former acting solicitor general Neal Katyal joins Jonathan Capehart, looking ahead to next steps in the congressional investigation of January 6th. To date, the Select Committee has issued 35 subpoenas and heard from 200 witnesses.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Breaking Down What’s Next For The Jan. 6 Investigation

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Comment (582)

  1. The low numbers for Joe show the lack of sophistication people have for his process. Like the justice department, he's careful to dot his i's and cross his T's before moving forward. Thus, a grand jury for Bannon instead of a rush job. The Fox like networks will try to steamroll this illusion and maintain their ill gotten momentum into 2022. But the rest of Don's boys will all be indicted and plucked by then. Then it will just be a fight between truth and propaganda. But it was the republicans who screwed the future for us, not Joe. Corporate America versus us.

  2. Oh s*** now that you guys aren't on the Rittenhouse case anymore or you going to send people to go hunt down those jurors for the January 6th maybe intimidate some of the politicians

  3. How many citizens that were registered voters? that were republican now how many have switched party's? Those in republicans are just a hand full verses the millions and billions of The American's that don't want what they are not doing and haven't done. …

  4. For those not familiar with History or how tyrannical governments work, these are the tactics of Banana Republics where they criminalize political decent. I know everyone here are aware of all the OTHER investigations into Jan 6, right? So why are these clowns acting like the partisan House investigation is the ONLY one? Hmmmm. Notice how the focus is not on any criminal activity from the Constitutional actions on Jan 6, but rather trying to catch their political opponents in a "process crime". That is exactly what they do in Banana Republics. Capehart, Woodward, Pelosi, and the RINO Reps on the House Committee should be tried on anti American activities against the Constitution.

  5. The sooner America flushes the Trump toilet brigade the sooner it can get back to being better humans. Not ‘great’ humans because that hasn’t happened yet, just better ones.

  6. How does private citizen D. Trump even assume that "Executive Privilege" extends past his presidency? Does he believe he has the power to conjure how laws apply to him as opposed to how it applies to others?

  7. aside: so glad to see all the art now hung on Neil’s walls. Remember when he only had one little picture over his couch and the Hamilton poster wasn’t even framed? The pandemic Zooms have added to people’s interior design skills. : )

  8. Trump needs to be prosecuted for his crimes. If not some rich oaf who is fortunate to con their way to White House , will try a coup again, if they are not happy with the outcome of an election.

  9. I'm not going to count Garland in just yet, but indicting Bannon was a start. When I hear BREAKING NEWS that trump has been indicted then Garland will get my approval.

  10. 4:16 pm : White supremacists terrorist are not the only ones armed add to that (troops at home) from the 20 year old war ,they are surrounded and I'm sorry they have traumatized y'all , I'm not worried about nothing ,they need to be worried about me

  11. Neil Katyal rocks! He's reasonable, educated & intelligent-he knows what he is talking about, & expresses himself clearly. Glad he is a commentator, always watch clips that include him.

  12. Real Republicans and Trumpers alike need to take heed to what's really going on in today's politics, you've been led too believe by many of these deceitful men in office that Democrats are the real threat to this country and the future of your children and grandchildren, while in fact it is those like Trump, McCarty, Bannon, Gosar, just to name a few who are the real threat to our Democracy, these self serving men are seeking to turn this country into one which is controlled by one man, Trump wants what Putin has and that is power over all for eternity like in other countries, you can hate Democrats all you want,but now is not the time for division in this country, these men are banking on your inability to think for yourselves, their only goal is greed, power and through manipulation by spreading lies and through manipulation, they use tactics such as socialism and communism to stoke fear in their voters, and nonsense that Democrats are coming for your guns, which are all forms of controlled narrative, no one whether you're an Republican or Democrat should want to live under a dictator regime, that is not what our forefathers envisioned for this country, it is wicked and self gratification men who think this way, the fight is not between Democrats and Republicans but with those who have hidden motives, you are doing your children and grandchildren no service by defeating your own purpose, which should be stopping the powers that be from prevailing and moving forward with their wicked deeds.

  13. Protests against a tyrannical government are a good thing, not a bad thing. Trying to redefine it as an insurrection so people will be too afraid to stand up for their rights proves this criminal government is scared shitless of we the people now that anyone who hasn't been brainwashed by CNN / MSNBC propaganda can see thru their lies.

  14. Rittenhouse has opened the floodgates for white supremacist militias to open fire on civilians at protests. Allowing the instigators of a violent treasonous right-wing coup attempt to walk free only empowers them more. SO the question is – does America want a civil war or not? Because by empowering these fascists you seem to be going the right way about starting one.

  15. The process is too slow.. If we don't expedite this we risk a republican return to power. Then the investigation will be disbanded, Trump may return and the Night of the long knives will descend upon the democrats. Trump will seek vengeance and install his goons in the government and continue his coup, until he is like his buddy Putin.

  16. Nothing. All of them will get off. That's not what should happen or what I want to happen, but let's not waste anymore time. People have things to do. Can't you see the map on the wall? White people will not give white people real time in prison.

    The MAGA and Q pawns are being locked up but WHEN are those Republicans and Trump Hacks who engineered, plotted, conspired and incited the INSURRECTION going to face serious legal consequences?

  18. I get why Garland is going with convening a Grand Jury. In normal times it would inspire even more confidence in the proceedings. But these are not normal times. If a majority of the members of the Grand Jury are Republicans, then justice will not be served. I do not say this in the spirit of attacking Republicans. Although I do not deny having a deep seated anger at the damage and injury inflicted upon us all, including themselves. Or anger for the ongoing threat against, and assault upon, on our democratic republic. Or for their ultimate goal of installing a dictator and establishing an authoritarian regime. But what freedom and democracy loving individual wouldn't be angry? Given the Republican's track record of not only promoting the big lie, but deliberately fanning it's flames to inflict more damage and to weaken our democratic system, and doing so for the sole purpose of preemptively cheating on subsequent elections, what reason should any of us have to trust any Republican sitting on this Grand Jury? Republicans overwhelmingly support their leaders in all their denial of the truth and denial of supported facts. They have collectively declared that the truth is in no way a priority for them. And that resorting to blatant lies is an acceptable form of obtaining desired results. There is simply no reason for a reasonable person to trust a Republican to be objective, or honest or truthful in their assessment of the facts of the case. And that is actually more true today than it was a year ago. Because we have seen how the Republicans who have had the moral integrity to maintain their moral compass, dispite the majority of the party's overwhelming acceptance of the new emerging dominant mores of the party, which include lying and the use of propaganda and even violence to achieve their goals. The renegade proponents of truth, honesty and respectable expectations of leadership are punished severely. They are ostracized. They are banished. They are shunned. Avoidance of a similar fate requires not just jumping on the bandwagon, but rather going a step further to prove loyalty to the party and to Trump. So the numbers of Republicans willing to hold to their principles and not willing to sacrifice their own integrity are guaranteed to keep shrinking. Because in order to survive, one must conform. Even Senator Kennedy's performance during a recent confirmation hearing would strike fear in the heart of most any Republican considering anything that can be construed as a suggestion that the Republican Party in general is engaging in propaganda fueled rhetoric and that that is not right. Because although the party that was targeted by McCarthyism style propaganda by Senator Kennedy has every reason to believe that such vicious lies will not be used as a weapon against a republican in "disfavor". McCarthyism being used against anyone is terrifying. Just the fact that it is an acceptable tactic should be a clear sign to all the direction that we are all headed in. History teaches us the danger of Joseph McCarthy style use of propaganda. The history of Germany also teaches us the very real danger of how the same kind of vicious lies can harm an entire nation and potentially lead to the genocide of entire populations. And that those who use such propaganda ultimately do not have limits upon the use of propaganda. No limits on an amount of acceptable damage inflicted by such propaganda. This fear is not exclusive to Republicans in political positions. I believe that any Republican who feels a moral obligation to adhere to the truth and to accept the facts, should they support the allegations, as truth worth defending, (as all truth is worth defending, dispite it's palatability) if the truth puts them in very real danger of being under attack by other Republicans. So it does not seem to me that it is possible that we are able to trust members of the Jury who are Republicans to render a decision that is fairly based on the facts, and in no way based on maintaining their own safety if they, in truth, find that the facts support the allegations. If the facts do turn out to support the allegations, we can't trust them not to make the claim that the facts do not support the allegations, if they have to be concerned about the safety of themselves and their families for being honest. Sad to say, I feel like it's a very precarious situation.

  19. Let's stop breaking down what happened on January 6th 2021, relinquishing power like what happened with Nixon , well justice was not served there either. No president has been removed from office even though 4 presidents were impeached, and one twice.
    There is something broken about the impeachment process.
    The constitution states the president has the pardon power except in cases of impeachment , hello president trump was impeached twice,. he was not removed but he was in fact impeached. ThIs is where both parties in Congress failed , the Judiciary found no Plenary interest in Review , the last three administrations have not preserved , nor upheld and did not defend the constitution of the United States of America , nor has any president since Kennedy faithfully executed Thier office of POTUS.
    The Constitutional crisis is over there is no constitution. There money , and greed, and in my experience with government there is no constitution, bill of rights or independence.

  20. The marxist elites on the left with using the Jesse Smollett tactics investigation as Cory Bush thugs criminals and felons released from prison by comrade Harris funding inciting insurrection and I suggest getting a gun safety certificate and an AR15 to protect self family and property from tyranny

  21. Who really cares about jan 6th investigation anymore. If they found any wrong doing they would have already concluded it. Now we need Joe Biden to answer for calling a innocent teenager a white supremacists'. Let the defamation of character lawsuits begin!!!!

  22. Don’t worry, the little pile of Schiff and the other corrupt political hacks will continue their charade to pretend this “mostly peaceful protest” was armed, an insurrection or even planned.

  23. Whom is the person on the bottom left side,. I have a cell phone and can't read the name.
    Is it trump ? Well it should be the POTUS the last three administrations and the congress and the supreme Court justices, the 9 the district, and the supreme court of California justices too.

  24. I give a shout out to all of those protesting the murderer Cal writtenhouse I give a shout out to them it's time for us to get our AK-47s against these white supremacists that these judges are letting off it's time we do and get our stuff together all minorities the staff for the battle protesting just ain't going to get it we got to show them we can do the same thing we need to they need to start taking over courthouses and everything is time as minorities get a list of everybody who wants to join and we need to stand up for our rights no skill runs I give a shout out to all them protesting the murderers of Cal Rittenhouse

  25. Peaceful protest is not working it's time for all minorities to get their arms together and get rid of these racist white supremacists I give a shout out to all of them protesting the murderer the murderer tell Rittenhouse who killed and murdered two people and then the judge is telling the jury what they can vote for I mean give me a break if this ain't racism I don't know what it is


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