Boeing 777X Vertical Takeoff Flying Display at 2021 Dubai Airshow

Our #777X put on an impressive flying display at this week’s Dubai Airshow! Watch the world’s largest and most efficient twin-engine jet impress crowds at #DAS21.

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Comment (217)

  1. I never get why they do this cos it would never take off like that with passengers aboard so what relevance is it? Other than that i think they`re onto a winner with this

  2. Boeing-777 is the most beautiful thing ever invented by human race. There is no other aircraft is as beautiful as a Boeing-777 for sure. Love you Boeing..!!❤❤❤

  3. While a love these new double engine aircrafts, i’m sad that we are going to see less and less 4 engines passenger planes, i’m glad i had the chance to fly on an A380 once. But at this rate i don’t think i’ll have another chance to..

  4. I actually got a rare 1/200 model of that plane with the folding wingtips. With it, I have a paper 777X, as well as 777X-style gloves that I made, plus a ceramic sculpture I made of it painted in the concept red livery

  5. I bet this plane with such flexible wings,rides excellent.I would love to go on a long flight in the new Queen of the Skies.God bless Boeing.They paid for their short comings,now prosper and be blessed.

  6. Airbus pilots wish they can do that without having to ask the computers their permission!??😂 And without having to pull all kinds of circuit breakers 😩

  7. Absolutely perfect any other passengers airplane would have crashed on the second left turn. A 360 roll over is way simpler than that recovery back to straighting that plain. A perfect 10 for this demo we are the best building this type of aircraft. If you do not understand this is not Boeing's fault. I am an expert 💝🤲🌍🤫🙏🙏🙏

  8. I can tell the pilot tried very hard not to complete that barrel roll. He abandoned it at the last moment. This pilot must be former Thunderbird or Blue Angeles .

  9. Not a fan of mischaracterizations. The 777 does NOT take off vertically. You are seeing the paralax error contributed by the lens used. The 777 normally takes off at 15 degrees climb, and can go up to 28 degrees for a max effort takeoff. The 777 does not and cannot take off vertically.

  10. Surely buyers will not be fooled by this flight demonstration. It is totally staged outside its design parameters Amazing how much money a company will invest on a product they know is not going to sell. Tax write off and big executive salaries to pay.


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