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Welcome back to Boneheaded boaters of the week were we looking a some good old fashioned boating blooper and look at what others have done wrong and how we can possibly avoid the same actions.

The have some ramp troubles this week along with some people following to close. Thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe if you would like to keep your drain plug.

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  1. My friend bronco Aussie land is doing well with the virus part thoughts fall to the USA when things are not well Easter for us is close to Marshall law with. The advice stay home we will make it through this rough weather let’s keep sane safe and hiding our bung plugs from u take mate

  2. i live in victoria and i have to admit that the restrictions are over the top. i mean i get it but whats the problem when your in a kayak one and a half kilometres away from anyone????

  3. The dude on the paddle board was litterally socially distancing before the nazis came along. This points out the entire problem with this virus "lock down". Its about control not your saftey

  4. If their was a time that shows we need a revolution against government over reach its now. Come on a guy in the middle of the surf and you send the swat team to get him.

  5. So a chap on a paddle board, by himself, with no-one else around, is arrested by two boats and their crews who can swan around being officious and no doubt failing to keep anywhere near the 'social distance' of the chap. I bet they came within 1.5 metres to grab him too.

  6. Dude on the paddleboard, that was a beyond ridiculous response. That "captain" that thought it was cool to provoke the manatees, he should lose his license. Thank you for the channel man, and keep up the good work!

  7. Why do I not believe the manatee guy’s high fives weren’t about getting a leach off?

    People like that are the reason there’s so much restriction — because people just can’t seem to help being asinine.

  8. Crazy times and the WRONG people are in charge of telling us 'what is' crazy…A Paddle Boarder is a bigger threat to society than the criminals that are caught and released every day.

  9. I live in New Zealand amd we are in a full lockdown. Can't leave the house unless its for essentials like food and healthcare. It's big game fishing season here now so my boat has become a $100k lawn ornament 😫

  10. Thank you for making these videos. MN just got notices that our Stay a home order got extended til May 4th. Just gives me more time to work on my boat.

  11. It's great to see people
    And business not relying on big brother to save the day.
    It's amazing what can be accomplished when we band together and corporate Bottom line is not the goal!

  12. Want to talk lockdown? In South Africa we can only go out for food and medical care. NOTHING else, no jogging, fishing or any activities in public…….. Only authorised essential services are allowed to operate….

  13. Same deal here in New Zealand, no outside activities apart from walking/running or biking. However I would rather that than trumps response to all this

  14. New South Wales
    / Sydney Harbour
    In New South Wales, police say fishing is permitted, as long as people follow rules about social distancing and gatherings of two or more people.
    Asked about fishing on Thursday morning, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said:
    "If fishing is your exercise then you can fish. But if you end up on a wharf with 50 other people, then we get back to safe distancing and getting tickets." New South Wales Police Minister David Elliot said he intervened to remove fishing from a list of banned activities on Wednesday.
    So my son and i can go fishing this easter weekend legally if we choose, although we'll stay home and re watch Tiger King and sing along to "I saw a Tiger" happy easter see you on the other side of this, thoughts with our Stateside commuinities and everywhere else in the world doing it tough at the moment

  15. Ah man. I’ve been home for a couple weeks. Got the boat ready I can’t wait to take it out with just the family. It’s all ready to go the only person I’d have to come into contact with is the guy at the boat launch. I’ll stay home though until I’m sure it’s ok. Stay safe everyone.

  16. New Zealand is in total lockdown, only running or walking in general area of your home. And we are winning big time where as in the good ole USA, you folk are losing big time. We have had 1 death, that’s 1. Go NZ

  17. The guy on his paddle board has no chance of spreading or getting covid, but they arrest him and put him a high infection risk situation, WHICH is exactly what the law was supposed to stop. You can't put brains in monuments.

  18. Well , it seems it's true , common sense is definitely in short supply on both sides of the distancing equation . The charter boat captain should be keel hauled on a very long ship . Another well presented video .

  19. California, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, has gone full-Stalin authoritarian against their own citizens. The courts will be clogged for YEARS after the panic subsides.

  20. A lot of the steps being taken are just plain stupid.
    Wisconsin parks and beaches are closed but Govenor waived entry fees to state parks.
    I can go to Dunkin donuts but not the doctor, dentist, or physical therapist.
    Kids can't go to school to learn but can go for breakfast and lunch which are being handed out in previously used grocery bags.
    Stay at home/no travel order but Rice Lake school lite up school one night and encouraged public to drive by as a tribute to graduating students.

  21. I live in Florida and most people know not to mess with the manatees most of the time it’s out of state or country that mess with them occasionally but That Captain should know not to mess with them. If he noticed something he should have called fwc to notify them about not touch the manatee

  22. Funny that the homeless, illegals, and gang members can walk the streets without issue in California…. but a guy on a paddleboard practicing the ultimate in social distancing is chased down by numerous LE officers and equipment and arrested!
    Have you had enough yet California?

  23. In New Zealand we had the same lock down protocol now we only have 8 active cases we all but eliminated covid 19 ,maybe there was sense to this approach.

  24. Someone needs to try and get that fly off the back of that "Captain's" head.

    So just out of curiosity, I wondered what a group of manatees is called. I would have never guessed. A group of manatees is called an aggregation. Of course all you folk down there would know that, but I'm from New Mexico we don't get a lot of manatees in the Rio Grande. LOL

  25. I live in Florida and find manatees all the time when I’m out fishing. I give them a light tap in the back with my fishing pole. I don’t want to hurt them or piss then off but I want them to be annoyed enough the stay away from boats. If you’ve ever seen one cut open from a prop then you’d understand. They are so kind and gentle that they just come right up to the boats without any concern.

  26. Unfortunately government hasn’t just overstepped their power here in America but government all over the world is overstepping their power. Enough is enough, there are more of us then there is of them, let ALL go to the lakes beaches and enjoy life, let’s see them try to take us all out. Not gonna happen, the rolls will reverse real quick when we take the power back.

  27. I always thought that Australia was country that makes good decisions, but not allowing fishing?
    Not even on your own or just with the family?
    Just weird!
    Must be some green party involved here, somehow…


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