Blue Planet II behind the scenes: The moment giant sharks attack crew submarine – BBC News

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At a depth of 750 metres, a Blue Planet II submarine was shoved by some enormous sixgill sharks.
The team were tracking a dead sperm whale that had floated onto the Atlantic Ocean seabed.

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Comment (1,697)

  1. Human: This is so cool!
    Shark 1: Hey freddy! Came and have a look, a ugly ass fish just show up.
    Shark 2: Holy s*** that's one ugly ass fish!
    Shark 3: Now now boys, don't be too hard on him. Let's give him our leftover.

  2. Everyone talking about how slow they attacked but the sub still made a loud crack.

    I also expect them to react way more aggresively if you were a swimmer instead of a skipper inside a giant sub.

  3. Seeing those GIANT sharks eating the dead whale carcass is not scary.
    What would have been scary is if those GIANT sharks suddenly break off in all directions!
    Sub: whaaat? O-O

  4. Seeing the sharks was nice but standing next to their meal bothering them was not cool or nice at all. Even the guy said was a bit afraid and yall didnt even moved.
    Dont see much professionalism there.

  5. I will never understand people. Give the sharks their space. Why do we feel the need to be right up in every living things face? Watch them but from a distance and with respect for them. Unlike us, animals don't want nor need to live their entire lives as a reality show. We choose to do this .They don't.

  6. 6 Gill Sharks have great eye sight and with "color eyes" that see prey amazing well ,..they grow to over 50 feet but rarely come up from their great depths , normally no threat to man

  7. The eyes of the sixgill sharks are so scary, such an empty stare and the eyes also move back into the head when they smell blood, and make them look "turned on" by the blood. Eeek!


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