Bloodhound : Driving the world’s fastest car in 360 video – BBC News

The Bloodhound supersonic car is aiming to break the world land speed record – and be the first to reach 1,000mph.
In development since 2008, it is being tested at Newquay airport at speeds of up to 200mph.
Experience the car in 360, and take a seat where fighter pilot Andy Green sits.
The video is narrated by motoring journalist Chris Harris.

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  1. A new pinnacle in engineering – such a technological marvel and a far different challenge to the Campbells' eras of determination and dare. A long time coming to fruition this project and much of it pioneering technology for those involved to glean from in their industries.

  2. Hmmm……a modern Sportsbike can do 0 to 160 in say 9.5 secs …as per quarter mile data on the best 1000cc bikes, for say $15,000!!!
    So can’t say 30 million pounds spent to go 0 to 192 in 9.3 secs is a success!
    The 1000 mph is of course impressive.

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  5. I still think about a wheel driven vehilcle that could break the sound barrier. I imagine a drive wheel about ten feet in diameter, driven by a T-56 gas turbine engine.

  6. Andy Green, the holder of two Guiness World Records under his belt.

    The fastest man on the surface of the planet and owner of the biggest pair of testicles EVER SEEN!

  7. I'm sick and tired of this car being referred to as the fastest in the world. It is not. You can only call it that when it actually breaks the record that was set by the Thrust SSC. A car designed, built, and driven by many of the talented and brave people featured in this video. The Bloodhound was also featured in the Guinness Book of World Records when it was still only a CAD drawing. Disgraceful.

  8. Bloodhound is a pile of crap. Been on the drawing board going on 30 years…will NEVER beat Thrust….all they have managed is to change the paint job 3 times. The second avatar movie will be out 100 years before bloodhound cranks it…….and….even if they manage to get it to work…by that time….i mean even now …who cares? Give me enough money…and i will break the record in a few weeks. I will get some rails bolted down…buy a used Saturn 5 rocket…kick it over on its side….and shoot it down the rails at 23,000 MPH.The only engineering involved in this truly imbecilic waste of time and money…which no one will finance because the project is too pointless and stupid for any sane business man to get near…….is to keep the nose down at speed. simply run it down a monorail track….problem solved…..the public is way to indifferent and/or stupid to care anyway about details like that….they want to see some exhaust flames…maybe get a sonic boom thrown in….a glitzy paint job and razzle dazzle hype…shove that down their big dumb throats and that's good enough. But shit.;..for a few bucks i can go to a movie and get a better show then this silly shit any day……or for free go to a Canaveral launch and see the real deal…….if those UK boobs had marketed properly and followed up thrust in a reasonable time frame while the ludicrous hype on that wingless jet was still hot…..before the engines of public stupidity began to cool….a very fast phenomenon……the vague lingering resonance of tentative interest surrounding the PR bullshit around thrust could've been used to overlap the bloodhound PR campaign….helped secure financing….but they didn't pedal to the metal while the engine was still on and fucked off the whole thing…so now…30 years later………the world's moved on.

    The main point is simpler….places like Bonneville, and the sort of "achievements" and "glamour"…relating to the american love affair with fast sexy cars….(not jets) stopped proving anything automotive as soon as jets and rocket propellants hit the scene. Thompson's challenger marked the end 9 the era …..Breedlove's monstrosities….took the fun and challenge and academic interest out forever.

  9. 30 million pounds?! What a joke. Everything is so overpriced in the UK that with absolute certainty you can tell that the realistic price for the thing is no more than one third of that.

  10. I do not understand this expression "going forward" as used here, "This car is going to do incredible things, going forward." Surely it is unnecessary and ridiculously superfluous to say "going forward" or even "in the future" . Where else can one go?, to the side….back in time? It's become a rather stupid and commonly used expression by everyone, everywhere.

  11. That’s slow as piss a top fuel dragster hits 350mph in 4 sec that’s impressive, and I’ve seen a jet powered race car break the 400mph barrier in the quarter it was a mid 3 sec pass that’s quick y’all wanna go 1000mph on the salt flats y’all need to look into how the ppl who run the jet cars get there stuff to launch so fast I mean I know you gotta get to 80mph before you can go MP but 190 in 9 secs isn’t gonna do it on a runway that thing should be hitting at least 300 mph by the time you go 1/4 if a mile y’all are doing something wrong your on tarmac not the flats make that thing scream I’m not impressed and don’t see you guys even hitting 756mph

  12. The 360 video is nice, but i have nothing but frustration with the fact that you had to turn around EVERY SINGLE TIME they changed shots, use 360 video to make it more immersive, not show off how "cool" the feature is.

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